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New to GD (early GD!)

Kaiser Permanente posts their lab results within hours.  I got my results and emailed my dr/nurse right away.  I am now scheduled to see a dietician on Friday and a perinatologist in two weeks.  Oh and I'm just 12 weeks today.  I asked for the glucose test, since it is very prominent in my family (my dad and his 13 brothers and sisters are ALL diabetics). 

 Since I have not met with anyone yet, I was doing some research on what I should be eating and foods to avoid.  So I've been eating more foods that are on a GD diet (wheat bread, cheese, peanut butter, chicken, etc).  Totally stopped eating any sweets.  I think I'm having withdrawals, not that I was addicted to sweets in the first place.  I have found myself with headaches and dizziness these past 2-3 days.  Is this normal?  Should I eat regularly and just wait to see my dietician (even though it is in just two days)?  I had a headache/dizziness earlier and so I ate a burger and felt 10x better. 

Also, my weight had already been fluctuating since I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks.  I started off at 156.4 (I am heavy for my height).  Then fluctuated between 157.8 - 158.8.  Yesterday I believe I was 157.8.  Today I weighed 156.6 (I did have BM 4 times yesterday!  Don't know what was up with that!).  Is this normal?  I'm guessing it was cause I had changed my "diet".  

 Any words of advice, comments, etc. please.  Thanks!

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Re: New to GD (early GD!)

  • Welcome to the land of GD.  I was also an early diagnosis - somewhere between 15 and 16 weeks.  

    First - definitely make sure you are eating enough.  Switching to GD-friendly foods is great, but you don't want to restrict your calories too much.  And eat every 2-3 hours.  I have three meals and three snacks with the following carb allowance: Breakfast = 30g, Morning snack=30g, Lunch=45g, Afternoon snack=22-23g, Dinner=45g, and Bedtime snack=22-23g.  Match each carb serving (15g = 1 carb serving) with a protein.  So, 1 carb = 1 oz./serving of protein (about 7g of protein per serving).  For each of my meals, I am supposed to use 15g of carbs for a milk or yogurt (light or low carb).

    As for your weight, on the GD diet it is normal to lose weight.  I am actually down 10 lbs since getting pregnant.  Baby is measuring and growing just fine so my doctors are actually quite happy with my progress and the weight loss.  My weight is definitely higher than yours though, so I had more to lose.  

    I will be the first to admit that getting GD was not on my wish list, but it has been a positive experience for me.  It has kept my weight in check, has me making healthy food choices, I'm exercising more regularly (great for blood sugar), and overall I have felt pretty great. 


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