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**Weekly Lovenox Ladies Check-in**

Hi Everyone,

Its time again for our weekly check-in.  This check-in is for anyone dealing with clotting disorders, or for anyone doing once or twice daily shots of Lovenox, Heparin, Fragmin, Arixtra, etc. (you are also welcome if you are on any other blood thinners - coumadin, aspirin, etc.)  This is a place for us to share our frustrations, worries and triumphs.  What?s new this week?  How is everyone feeling?  How are your bruises?  Here is a link to our injection tips, https://community.thebump.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/57294711.aspx

This is the growing list of Lovenox Ladies:

Hjbarra (MTHFR) ? 10/1

ChicStylishMom2be (FVL) ? 10/10

ChrissyDipi (FVL homo) ? 10/16

CakeBatter (Protein C and S) ? 10/19

Jsjrol (previous DVT and PE) ? 10/21

CILLAJ8 (PE) ? 11/7

Presh116 (FVL and MTHFR) ? 11/15

LindseyCaye (DVT) ? 11/16

CristinS (MTHFR and LA) ? 11/17

704Bride (MTHFR and PAI-1) ? 11/18

Vlong4 (previous DVT) ? 11/26

Courtneyw06 (FVL) ? 11/27

BipBopBoo (FVL) ? 12/1

redheadbaker (previous PE) ? 12/2

Michellesullivan1 (Prothrombin mutation) ? 12/4

Amandar72 (Protein S) ? 12/9

Dondraandluis (MTHFR, Prothrombin mutation, Protein S) ? 12/15

Lexismom08 (Protein S) ? 12/26

IamAmom2B (Protein S, LA) - 1/5

BabyLuvBug4 (previous PE) - 1/15

Holli0303 (APS) ? 1/16

Britt_dickey (MTHFR) ? 1/18

Starlilliee (previous DVT) ? 1/25

Fancypants999 (Protein S) ? 1/26

Jmbuckman (Protein S) ? 2/8

Bbhalphen (MTHFR) ? 2/9

Jenifairies (FVL) ? 2/15

Aglenn (previous DVT) ? 2/15

mrsp+3 (FVL) - 2/19 

mmyuhas (FVL, MTHFR) - 2/24 

Amber32984 (MTHFR homo) ? 3/5

dandywarhol (previous DVT, PE) - 3/9

GuppyAmy (Prothrombin mutation) ? 3/12

amdjelly (protein C, previous DVT) - 3/18

a2003tiger (previous DVT, PE) - 3/26

Poppy88 (FVL, possible PE) ? 3/28

Mrs.Karber (previous DVT) ? 3/30

Vtwd40 (MTHFR and PAI-1) ? 4/9

Verrasta (previous PE) ? 4/10

HarmonPalma (Protein C, previous PE) -  4/10

Tapioca  (FVL) ? 4/25

Gringa78 (MTHFR, LA) ? 5/2

Linz1233 (FVL) ? 5/5

Prestonsmomma (FVL) ? 5/18

Mikeswife2010 ? (LA, Protein S and C, previous DVT and PE) ? 5/25

Chusum (MTHFR) ? 5/29


 If this is your first week checking-in, please let us know your EDD and the reason you are on blood thinners.


QOTW:  How long did you TTC before becoming pregnant?



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"You reach deeper until you can find the strength.  That's all life is, one big fight after another."

Angel babies: 9/19/07, 10/08/09, 1/05/11

Re: **Weekly Lovenox Ladies Check-in**

  • Please add me to your check-in list.  My EDD is March 6th.

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  • Hi, ladies!  Things are good with me.  Baby is growing fast and I'm starting to feel more movement, which is fun.

    QOTW:  I've been really fortunate and have not had any problems TTC.  DD was actually a surprise; we had just decided to TTC "soon" but were still TTA and, well..surprise!  I guess she was tired of waiting. :)  This time around we did TTC and got pregnant the second cycle trying.  Because it was the first time I ever temped or charted or any of that, I guessed wrong the first month about when ovulation would be, so really we got pregnant the first time we had good timing.

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  • Not much new this week other than being referred to a rheumatologist to follow-up on a positive ANA test.  I did have my first bleeder this morning during my injection, and now have a HUGE bruise to show how tough I am :)

    It only took 2 months for us this time around. We lost our last baby in April, had a cytohysterogram in May, and got pregnant again in July. My ease of getting pregnant has certainly been a blessing despite my repeated losses.

    Hope everyone is having a good week!

    BFP #1 May 2008: live miscarriage at 12.5 weeks
    BFP #2 February 2009: Beautiful baby girl born at 33weeks 5days after 8 weeks of PTL, hospital bedrest and mag sulfate
    BFP #3 September 2010: miscarried at 6.5 weeks
    BFP #4 January 2011: Cerclage placed at 12.5 weeks, live miscarriage at 14 weeks RPL testing May 2011 - FOUND Factor V Leiden and slight autoimmune issues! Never so excited to have something wrong with me!
    BFP #5 August 2011: Aspirin and Lovenox - trying one more time!IT'S A BOY!!!
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  • Glad I found this post!  I have been on Lovenox once a day for almost 3 weeks now.  I have a red blood cell disorder that can cause clots, more so during pregnancy.  I had no idea how bad these injections would burn!  I let my husband do mine and he does it fast, just because I tell him to get it over with, but I'm wondering if slower would burn less?  Maybe someone can answer that for me???  I haven't been bruising much, just a few times so far.  Long road ahead for these injections and anything to make it less dreadful would help.


    To answer your questions: It only took me 2 menstrual cycles to conceive and my estimated due date is April 21, 2012! 

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  • Please add me to the list.  My due date is May 10
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  • Hi there! 
    I TTC for 2 1/2 years, but I miscarried four times during that period.  I had no problems getting pregnant naturally, but I miscarried every time.  My first RE wanted me to try fertility drugs to make me ovulate earlier.  He thought that was my main problem.  I did rounds and rounds of those and never got pregnant, only got cysts on my ovaries.  I switched to a new RE and he decided to try Lovenox when my homocysteine levels came back borderline.  Both he and MFM say that my past m/c were just "bad luck" but something seems to be helping this time!
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  • Hi ladies! Things with the injections have actually improved lately...I might finally be getting the hang of this! :)

    QOTW: We TTC for over 2 years during which time we lost 4 LOs. It was such a heartbreaking time, but we stayed optimistic. Luckily we didn't have trouble conceiving, but they could never explain our losses. So, we went to an RE and he recommended Lovenox, Folgard and BA, since I have FVL and my homocysteine levels were borderline. We are so thankful to be pregnant with our little guy and can't wait until November! 

    BFP #1 (baby Jude) M/C 11.09; BFP #2 c/p 01.10; BFP #3 (Little Bear) Missed M/C, D&C 09.10 at 12 weeks; BFP #4 c/p 01.11; BFP #5 our precious baby boy, born 11/20/11
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  • imageRedheadBaker:

    I've been getting really sore at my injection sites. I wonder if the area I'm injecting isn't fatty enough :-(  

    QOTW: We were not trying to get pregnant, this baby was a complete surprise.   

    Not sure where you're injecting, but I got really sore near my belly button and anywhere on my belly where the skin was tight. I find my sides are much better and I can bend over to the side to get a little more skin in my grasp. Now I inject there exclusively. Also, I ice for a longer period these days and it's improved the whole experience a lot. Good luck! 

    BFP #1 (baby Jude) M/C 11.09; BFP #2 c/p 01.10; BFP #3 (Little Bear) Missed M/C, D&C 09.10 at 12 weeks; BFP #4 c/p 01.11; BFP #5 our precious baby boy, born 11/20/11
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  • QOTW: Started TTC in Oct 08 and miscarried the first 3 pregnancies. Well, the first time it took 3 cycles, the 2nd took 5 cycles, third took ~6 cycles, and this time took about 6 cycles.
    TTC Since Oct 08 BFP #1- 1/23/09, missed m/c 2/26/09 BFP #2- 9/8/09, natural m/c 9/16/09 BFP #3- 4/13/10, missed m/c 5/26/10 BFP #4- 4/6/11 beta#1 at 12dpo-133 prog-55.7, beta#2 at 16dpo- 861 DD born 12/8/2011 BFP#5- 11/23/12 EDD 7/25/13 Dx- Uterine septum (removed Aug 2010), endo, MTHFR C677t hetero, Factor II hetero, Low Protein S Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Hi girls!!  

    Welcome to our new ladies joining us this week!

    Forgive me for not scrolling back up to see who asked, but on the slow vs fast injections, I find that for me, it burns WAY less if I go slowly.  Some spots burn more than others, so I just move around a lot (sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes high, sometimes low, etc) and hope for the best.

    QOTW:  This is a surprise blessing for us, too.  We weren't trying to conceive.  I was actually on the Pill, but we'd been praying for blessings in our life since we got married last year.  We just didn't realize that THIS is what God had in mind for us!  We're beyond thrilled though and can't wait to meet our little girl in February.  :) 

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  • Good morning lovely ladies!!

    Not a lot new here....

    We were TTC for over a year. I had just went to the dr and was told with all my past health issues it looked like pregnancy just wasn't going to happen for me and I needed to schedule an appt with a specialist to talk about our options. I left discouraged and ready to just walk away from it all for awhile until I could accept the fact that I wouldn't have babies. Well about 2 days later I found out I was PREGNANT....I believe in miracles.

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  • Add me to your list!  My due date is March 11th.  This is my first pregnancy and they discovered several blood clots in my right leg around week 9.  They are not sure why I got them as I have never had a clotting disorder before.  I ma currently taking 90 ml of Lovenox once a day.  I am so glad I found this board!!
  • All seems to be going well in week 9 with me - Lovenox and BA everyday...will wean off estrogen and progesterone next week.

    It took me 18 months to get pregnant with DD and 9 months to get pregnant with the twins.  All pregnancies were achieved via IVF....once Lovenox was added, I got pregnant 3 IVF cycles in a row (one was a m/c).

    PCOS, lupus anticoagulant, MTHFR (A1298C, one copy) 2 IUIs & 1 IVF = BFN FET#1 = It's a girl! Born 7.1.10 FET#2 = c/p FET#3 = Twin girls! Born on 3.16.12 at 33w2d due to severe pre-E. After 4 weeks in the NICU they are home! Lilypie Third Birthday tickers
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  • May I be added?  I am on Lovenox and baby aspirin once daily for Heterozygous MTHFR, Lupus Anticoagulant and a bunch of antiphospholipid and anticardiolipin antibodies (but I don't have APS because I don't have a history of prior blood clots or m/c). I have been on Lovenox since April because I cannot be on any hormones without it.  My due date is May 15, 2012.

    QOTW:  It took us more than 2.5 years and 3 IVF cycles to get pregnant.


    ~SAIF/PAIF/Everyone Welcome~ 

    Me= 37 and DH = 41 

    Dx: DOR, Endo, APA+ (really high beta 2 glycoprotein antibody and high everything else tested), heterozygous MTHFR mutation, positive for lupus anticoagulant, high FSH, low AMH and both tubes blocked (per HSG on 3/8/11)

    IVF #1 - long lupron (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 4 retrieved, 3 fertilized; ET 2 blasts and 1 frozen = BFN

    IVF #2 - a version of antagonist with EPP (with HGH, intralipids, lovenox and BA); 6 retrieved, 4 mature, 3 fertilized, 2 blasts and 1 frozen blast transferred on day 5 = BFN.

    IVF #3 April was postponed to May, May was canceled. June/July was canceled. Had a cyst aspiration and then began IVF #3 in August. ER on 8/22; ET on 8/24 with AH. +HPT on 9/5. Beta #1 (11dpo) = 3; Beta #2 (15dpo) = 29; Beta #3 (17dpo) = 60; Beta #4 (19 dpo) = 118. Heartbeat at 6 weeks 6 days =132.  Lil is here!

    TTC#2:  Trigger + TI = BFN; Clomid + Trigger + IUI = BFN.

    IVF #4:  BCP + MDLF + Lovenox = 7R, 1F = Transferred 1 6-cell embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #5:  MDLF + Lovenox = 4R, 1F = Transferred 1 10-cell compacting embryo on day 3 = BFN

    IVF #6:  (New RE):  Long Antagonist November 2014 (transferred two 8 cell grade 1 embryos and froze one blast) = BFN

    FET#1:  BFN

  • Hi Ladies, things are going ok this week. We are on schedule with my shots, DH gives thme to me ( Arixtra) and things seem to be going well, minus Wednesday night when I had a freak out because right after my shot my skin welted up...I called the dr and it was fine but scared the crap out of me! Hope everyone is happy and healthy :)

    Preston Cash my angel born sleeping @34 weeks 5-16-09
    BFP 9-16-11
    Married to DH since 11-2-08
    DD (9) DS (8)
    Jude Levi, My rainbow baby, born May 8th 2012. We are so in love!
  • Please add me to list.  My EDD is May 19th and I had a DVT in my right calf after breaking my foot over the summer.   I am starting my lovenox shots on Tuesday Oct 4th.   and Oh ... The baby was a surprise ;)
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  • Hi Ladies! Please add me to your check in list. I am 5 weeks 4 days and have been on Lovenox since I got a +hpt. I am also on BA and progesterone. I have had two m/c's the last being 8/25/11 and have factor III clotting disorder. Best of luck to all of you!
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