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Is there anything I should know about makeup, primarily foundation?

Someone had posted about acne the other day and I was surprised at the responses about how ProActiv is bad while pregnant, etc. so just wondering if there's anything regarding foundation.

I'm planning to buy some today, and I usually get the MAC Studio Tech. Thanks! 

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Re: Makeup?

  • I'm an esthetician, and to my knowledge, makeup doesn't have any warning labels with pregnancy.  However, a mineral makeup might be a good choice if you are concerend about makeup and pregnancy as all - mineral makeup sits on top of the skin and doesn't absorb over time.  I believe bare minerals or other companies with a mineral line have liquid mineral foundation too.  I haven't even thought of this until now but I see no reason why a liquid foundation would pose any problems to a pregnancy...unless it had a salicylic acid in it (which would be to help acneic skin), which I can't think of ANY that any foundation should be fine.
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  • I would recommend mineral makeup or anything that says it's "non-comedogenic" so then it's less likely to break your face out
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  • I use clinique  and love it... However, I have bare minerals also which I saw someone posted. I think that would be a good idea too, but if you havent used it before it could be a waste of money. It just doesnt work good on everyones skins. Its a love hate thing with some of my friends. Also, If you are looking for something all natural there is a store called orgins (dont know if you have it) that might be a option for you.  

    Also, you mentioned proactiv, that is a actuall acne medication. That has high doeses of chemicals to fight acne. Most make ups would be fine for you. If you do have acne the best thing for it is a non fragant warm wash twice a day and exfoliate once. No make up. Good luck.

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