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I'm so scared and upset right now :( ...I took my first pregnancy test this past Saturday. I got a very faint positive. I took another one on Sunday, it was just a little bit darker, I also took a digital test and it came back positive. I called my doc and went in on Monday for a blood test. It came back positive and then they ran a quantitative test to get my hcg levels bc I wasn't exactly sure when my last period was. They called me on Tuesday and said my levels were 12.5 for hcg. They said that was in the lower part of the normal range. They wanted me to come back in on Wednesday. I went in for another blood test. They just called me this morning and said that the levels were only 11.75 :( ...The nurse said that I'm probably miscarrying :( and to expect to start bleeding. She said to come in in a week to watch and make sure the levels go back to a zero. I had an app for Friday already, she said I could still come in for that to get them retested.... I'm so upset right now. I don't know what to think. We have been on and off again trying for a year... Is there any chance of the levels going back up??? Could I just be really early? Do I have any hope? What should I expect?? Please help!

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  • I think there may be other boards (like m/c) that will be more helpful to you, but if your betas are not rising (they should approx double every two days), unfortunately it is likely not a viable pregnancy.  If you don't know how far along you are, then it's hard to know how high they should be, but they should always be rising.  Take care of yourself.
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