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To take Tylenol PM or not

I have been sleeping for only 4 hours a night (I understand some people get less sleep than 4 hours of sleep a night) and would love to sleep at least 7 hours a night. I work a full time job and need my rest. My question is should I take Tylenol PM or should I just be satisfied with my 4 hours and not take any medication?

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Re: To take Tylenol PM or not

  • My OB said it completly fine to take.

    I only take it though when I have a headache, not to sleep.

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  • Take it, it's awesome.  I wake in the same position I fell asleep in and I'm totally relaxed.  I do tend to have weird dreams, but the memory fades away by the time I get to work. 

    I've taken it about 3-4 times.  My physician said it was ok and after a week of insomnia and spending and entire Sat night baking and cleaning because I was AWAKE!!!! I gave in.  

    I would try taking one at first and then add the other if you need it.  I also try not to take them on successive nights.  Don't know why,it just makes me feel better.   

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  • It's on my OK list. I wouldn't take it more than once or twice a week, try to catch up on weekends with naps if you can.
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  • My OB said it's fine although I wouldn't take it every single night.
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  • I think the sleeping agent in Tylenol PM is really just benadryl. So if you're not having pain, you could just take benadryl. I think too much acetometaphine is bad for your liver or kidneys or something, but that's probably if you used it on an extended basis.

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  • Take it.  The medicine that makes you drowsy is the same as the active ingredient in Benadryl which is also on the safe list.
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  • i take it regularly (3-4 nights a week) due to not being able to sleep because of being pregnant and then I still have back and shoulder problems from a major car accident a little over a year ago. My Dr. said that it's totally fine to take and that he recommends it for people who suffer from heartburn and can't sleep.
  • I take it once in a while, and like PP I get weird dreams sometimes too.  But it's well worth a restful sleep!
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  • I take it about once a week. It's amazing.
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  • Tylenol PM is just Tylenol plus Benedryl, so unless you need pain relief you should just take the Benedryl.

    My OB has me taking Benedryl every night for allergies.  

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  • I'm sure it's perfectly fine to take -- but I personally would not.
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  • I have taken it twice this week, but honestly mostly for pain and to get a good night sleep. We are moving on sat and I have been packing all week (by myself since hubby works) and I have been aching pretty bad. They are a godsend.

    Last night I took a hot shower to relax my muscles and took only 1 pill and I slept like a baby last night. Thank god DS has been sleeping all night this entire week. Few weeks back we had problems with him waking up at 4 and 5 am. 

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