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MUSC - Finding a Doctor

I am 12 weeks pregnant and not very satisfied with my current doctor. My doctor is affiliated with East Cooper Medical Center and I really did not want to go there to begin with. I've heard very negative stories from experiences at East Cooper. On top of that I feel neglected by my doctor in some ways and would honestly prefer to be treated and give birth in MUSC. Are there any recomendations on ob/gyn's affiliated with MUSC?

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  • i loved all the docs at musc wmens center in Mt. P

    .Toya Pound and Doctor Stickler are the best imo-fun, hip and very personable. They do deliver at ECMC though. Not sure what issues you have head about - i had a great experience as did some of my friends (we all delivered in the newer hospital though not the old medical center).

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  • i go to musc womens health at cannons place and my dr is dr salib and hes awesome!!! i like it!!!
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  • I delivered my son at East Cooper the old hospital in 2009 and had a wonderful experience.  I also loved my Dr.  She is with Lowcountry OB/GYN.

    I had to change dr's cause my husband works for Roper St. Francis.  So we will be delivering at St. Francis and again I found a great dr with Charleston OB/GYN.  We found this dr cause my husband works with all the dr's and nurses on the L&D floor. He asked lots of nurses who they liked to work with.  He also works with the L&D flr at the Mt. Pleasant Hospital.  The nurses recommend a dr over there but I didn't want to drive that far.

    I work at MUSC and it is a great hospital too.  Not too familiar with the OB side though.

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  • I go to Dr Margaret Villars at MUSC downtown and I really like her. 

    Good luck! 

  • I'm really surprised you heard negative things about East Cooper Women's Center.  I, too, have Dr. Stickler and love her! That whole office is great!  The only downside is that they don't deliver at MUSC... which is where I work and would get a free hospital stay.  East Cooper would be much more expensive to deliver at.  Good luck finding a doctor, but I would highly suggest ECWC.
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  • imagemlaynehop:

    I go to Dr Margaret Villars at MUSC downtown and I really like her. 

    Good luck! 


    A little late but this is who I was seeing also. She is great I love her. I am now seeing the high risk Dr but Villars will be GYN after done with kids. 

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