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Insuranace Question

Many of you know Chad lost his job in early Aug. but has since found a new, and better one.  Yay!

My question is, his former employer has paid for our cobra insurance through December.  But open enrollment is coming around, and I think we will go on my insurance because his isn't that great (and more $$$).

Is pregnancy considered a pre-existing condition?  Will I have problems switching?

If you have had any experience, please share.  Thanks!

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Re: Insuranace Question

  • I think that if you are going from one group plan to another with no gaps pregnancy is covered.  I would double check with HR though.
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  • As long as there was no gap in coverage (and with COBRA, there wasn't) you should be ok.  But I agree w/ the pp- call HR ASAP to be 100% sure.






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  • As long as no gaps you should be good.  The other thing is that you should also be able to start your insurance coverage in december when your husbands cobra runs out.  Double check but one of the exceptions to being able to get converage other than open enrollment times is a change in coverage of your spouse.  I would double check with HR, but I did it when my husband switched jobs with no problem.

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  • as long as you don't have a lapse in coverage, you should not be denied for a pre existing condition but I agree, verify all of this (preferably in writing) with HR.


  • It shouldn't be a problem at all. I would definitely get it in writing for your own benefit just in case issues arise just to cover your ass. I switched to DH's insurance while pregnant with Derek during his open enrollment and had no issues at all.
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