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Deployment and weekends alone

Well, misery loves company. So, I'm looking for company! My husband deployed this past week and this is my first weekend alone with my kids (1, 3, and 5). It's rainy and cold and this is flat out depressing. How on earth do you pass time on the weekend? Please tell me I'm not alone.

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Re: Deployment and weekends alone

  • Well... This is the third weekend since DH deployed. And I am drinking coffee watching TLC LOL I only have the one LO so I feel for you on that one. But as far as passing the time since he left? I've just been making plans with friends to get out of the house. Initially, I was going BSC but I think we have finally found our groove. And each weekend I pick a project, re-arranging furniture or decorating or something like that. I know that isn't much help, I'm sorry. And everyone keeps telling me it'll get easier but I'm waiting for that part too LOL

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  • I feel for you. This is our last weekend alone. I have a two year old and have found a lot of different random things to be effective. I am a Stay at home and currently 8 months pregnant so ANYTHING helps.

    I just started my son in a bowling league. It is quite affordable and it is an easy way  to pass a morning. 

    Also, our local Barnes and Noble has a TON of free events. They do all sorts of costume reading times and stuff along those lines. 

    We live close to the beach so that is a great way to kill time. Even though it is starting to get chilly, he loves to go and play in the sand.

    Lowes offers a build and grow workshop. I haven't been as my little on is too young for something like that but from what I hear, it can be quite fun for older kiddos. 

    Hope this helps.

    Thoughts and Prayers for a quick and safe deployment.

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  • Yes, weekends are the worst.  I am a little over 4 months into deployment and have a 10 month old and 2 year old.  Saturdays and Sundays drag...

    I actually wrote a blog post about this very topic about a month into my deployment: Weekend Dread

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  • Do you have a local YMCA that has a childwatch? That is how I pass time so I don't go crazy when DH is away. My YMCA childwatch is great and all the ladies love my son. The kids can be in there for two hours and they do lots of activities with them. I get to workout for a little while, and then get a shower all by myself. I LOVE it. 

    Also, they have a military discount so I have my family membership at $60/month, can't beat it! 

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  • I don't have any children yet (yet being the key word) so I can't help much on what to do with them, but I typically attend a work out class or go for a hike with the dog. I've also toyed with the idea of taking a painting class or something similar. Maybe there's a playdate group or something that meets on the weekends. The main thing is keep busy! good luck!
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