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Deployment Bear (PIP)--repost

My husband is leaving for another deployment and we decided to make Carmen a deployment bear, at build-a-bear, that has my husband's voice saying "Daddy loves you, Carmen" and I snapped this adorable pic tonight and just had to share!


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Re: Deployment Bear (PIP)--repost

  • Cute!
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  • Great idea.  Very cute!  Question as I have never made a build-a-bear:  Is the voice recording thing-y able to be taken out of the bear after it's made?  I mean, could you possibly make one and then have the voice recorded afterward?
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  • I'm thinking you may be able to do that, but honestly I'm not sure!   I know when they close it, they pull the string to stitch the stuffing closed inside, I'm not sure how easily that could be undone and re-closed after you put the recording back in.  If you are good at sewing, it may not be a problem though!
  • How cute!!!
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  • We did this too.  I try to make sure I play the recording at least once a day for her. 

  • I love it! My husband is deploying in 2 weeks, and this weekend we are going in to get one for our DD (who looks about the same age as yours!)
  • We got a deployment monkey for our DD in a Sailors uniform. I love it that he was able to record it. She now crawls all over it and knows how to press the button so she can hear Daddy talk to her. It says that "whenever you miss me give monkey a squeeze. Daddy loves Callie."


  • ADORABLE! :)
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