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Tricare and PPD

My daughter is 6wks now and I've been struggling with depression, I was kinda waiting to see if it was just baby blues or actual PPD. I've come to the conclusion that it is PPD, but I was wondering if Tricare provides you with counseling when you have depression or if you're on your own?
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Re: Tricare and PPD

  • Ask your husband, if he doesn't know ask your doctor. I know there are counselors and you can talk to the chaplain as well I'm just not exactly sure how you go about doing it. Good luck.
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  • Yes, Tricare will cover counseling. Call your PCM for a referral, or call Tricare directly.

    I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time....just know that seeking help is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your LO! I hit a really rough patch when DS1 was around 9 months old, and was referred to an amazing counselor that really helped me sort things out. If I recall correctly, I was approved for maybe 8 or 10 counseling sessions to start, 100% covered by Tricare.

    Good luck, sweetie.

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  • Yes, TRICARE covers depression. 

    Per regulations, you can go to 8 psychological appointments without a referral (if you are enrolled in TRICARE Prime AND you go to a Provider who is in the network). 

    Or you can call your OB or PCM for a referral.  If you explain the situaiton, there will be no problems.

  • You can call military one source or MFLC as well especially if you are concerned about confidentiality.
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  • imagebelleaur:
    You can call military one source or MFLC as well especially if you are concerned about confidentiality.


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  • This is something you should discuss with your PCM instead of self diagnosing. Your PCM can give you the appropriate referrals- for a social worker, psychologist, or psychiatrist depending on your diagnosis and needs. The PCM can also prescribe meds if indicated.
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  • when i called tricare, they said yes, but only with a mental health diagnosis. meaning, you can't self diagnose ppd. call your ob!
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  • Well obviously I will talk to my doctor about all this, I just haven't gotten the chance to go in and I just wanted to find out about counseling. Thanks for your help everyone.
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  • Do you have Prime or Standard? I have Prime and was able to get counseling for something unrelated without a referral no problem. All I had to do was go on the Tricare website and find a local provider, call, and make an appointment. Good luck!
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