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planning the gender...

I do hear from friends a lot or my husbands friends that they had a girl, but they wanted to have a boy so badly and so on. One of my husbands friends even for example, they had there daughter at the and of may in 2010 she was pregnant again in November I think, cuz she had her 2nd one in august a month ago. Of course the 2nd one was also a girl, but the day they had the ultrasound and found out that this one was also a girl I saw him and at that time i was still pregnant, but at the and though i think. Well, i know the point is that my mom told me also and i red about it in the net that you can actually plan the gender of your baby with the shettles method for more info.

I am just so curious if anyone ever tried this out or knows someone who did it or is going to plan it on their next pregnancy?

In a way i do understand when you wanna desperately have a son or a daughter, but you keep trying and you get sick of being pregnant or can't even afford another child anymore and you still can't break the cycle!

Re: planning the gender...

  • Ok, no I didn't plan. Shettles method is completely unreliable. Also, this hurt my head to read.

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  • well, i also do have older post where i wrote that I definitely do not want to have  any more children have many more than many reasons for that. started even to take the pill, but I am just so curious if anyone had success with that or many times? 
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    Ok, no I didn't plan. Shettles method is completely unreliable. Also, this hurt my head to read.


    I had a friend try it and all she did was not get pregnant because she was missing her window.  When they did conceive, it was the opposite gender they were trying for.

    I say go for it if you want a specific gender, as long as you know its unreliable and more for 'fun'.

    Knowing there's only about a 25% change of getting knocked up at all for each cycle is enough for me not to care. Although I would like a girl the next time around, I'll be perfectly happy with another healthy baby to add to my family.  Would I spend cycles trying shettles?  Hellz to the no. 

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  • DH's cousin and his wife are trying this method.  It makes me roll my eyes.  But whatever.  I hope to never describe my vaginal environment as "alkaline."  Sounds scary.
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  • I agree that your grammar was a little off but I think I know what you're asking.  Our LO was a surprise but we plan on using the Shettles Method when we try to conceive our next child.  Obviously, our main goal is to have a happy, healthy baby so either gender would be celebrated.  My husband and I just think it would be fun to have one of each.  According to the research I've done it's 80% accurate to conceive a girl and slightly higher for those couples that are trying to have a boy.  Good luck!
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  • yeah my first post kinda went long and DD was permanently crying while I was writing it. So, that is probably the reason why it sounds off. by the way,  good luck to you!
  • I have some friends who used that method and got what they wanted, a boy.  I was charting my ovulation when I got pregnant and according to the Shettles method I was set to have a girl and I did.  So yes, if we ever TTC again we will try for a boy.

    As for the 25% chance of getting pregnant each cycle, I've been pregnant twice, both times the first month we started I'm OK with only TTC in part of my window of opportunity each month.

  • Of course it's not 100%, but I do think the theory holds some water. 

    I was charting with DS and wasn't "trying" for a boy but it happened that we had sex the day before, the day of and the day after ovulation.  Boy.

    With DD,  I wasn't charting, I was using FAM.  We knew we might want to try getting pregnant so I was a bit more lax about paying attention to my fertility signs and thought for sure I had ovulated already. Turns out, I hadn't yet, but the only sexy time was like 5 days in advance of actual ovulation...bam, GIRL.  

    With that said, I have a friend that has 3 boys.  She's tried Shettles the last 2x for a girl and it obviously didn't work out for her.  :)

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  • Coming from an OB/GYN background, I don't believe this or any method works. I know where the theory of this method is coming from and though it sounds like it makes sense I don't believe anything has any influence on what you get. It's 50-50, so yeah some people could say it worked, just like I could say the Chinese horoscope was right for me, do I believe the horoscope works? No, do I believe it was a coincidence, absolutely. Ask any OB provider and they tell you in plain words you get what you get.
  • According to Shettles I should have a girl instead of a boy. 

    I charted for this pregnancy and I think with the next we're going to just try to let things happen since, like pook, we got pregnant the first cycle both times. 

    I'd like to say I'll get my IUD removed and then we'll just see what happens and this time not find out what we're having till s/he is born.

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  • I have 2 friends who used the Shettles method and conceived what they wanted, a girl. 
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