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Infant Tylenol

how much do you give per dosage? My lo is 5 months and weighs 18 lbs!

Re: Infant Tylenol

  • 1.25 mL is the pharmacist recommendation for 11 lbs. 

    ETA: For us using the walgreens brand acetaminophen and the new dosing regulations.  

  • call your pedi or pharmacy it may depend on your brand/concentration

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  • My pedi gave me a chart.  What concentration do you have?
  • There are new dosing regulations, so first, find out if you have the newer less-concentrated Tylenol or the old, more-concentrated.

    Here is a chart:

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  • image Lisa Frank:

    Thank you SO much! Some places here sell concentrated, some don't. I talked to the ped today about this - so much confusion!


  • I'm paranoid about acetaminophen overdose and liver damage so I think you should call your doctor's office and ask.

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