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Learning the acronyms?


DH is new to the Air Force and I was wondering if there is a cheat sheet for all of the acronyms used. Sometimes I feel like I am reading another language when it comes to the military acronyms!


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Re: Learning the acronyms?

  • Hmmm I wonder. I bet you could google it.

     Do you have any off hand you're wondering about? It just took time for me listening and reading them to get them down and I STILL dont know them all.

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  • Here's a good one,

    just scroll down to see the acronyms.



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  • That is great! Thanks!
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  • I know when I married my H last summer he had downloaded a packet of information for me. It was an introduction into the AF and had a bunch of useful information. It included a few pages of the most used acronyms. I don't have the link on this computer, but it might be on my H's. I'll check when he gets home tonight and if I still have it I'll pm you the link. You could also check with Family Readiness, they might have something welcoming you, the spouse to the AF.
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  • DH is in the Army, but I wish that I had a cheat sheet. The book "Married to the Military" helped with some, others I just picked up, but some are so confusing and sometimes two things will have the same acronym. AGH! Good luck to you. You'll learn them soon enough.
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  • This has about 3 pages of the most common acronyms. I found this PDF helpful when I got married last year.


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