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Those that have read/do Ferber - for NAPS. ?s

I read bits and pieces of the Ferber book - but am still sort of confused regarding naps...  I think he says to wait til nighttime sleep is consistently good. Um. We might be waiting a while then! Is there any harm to doing nap-sleep-training before or along with nighttime training?

Also- DD has become very dependent on being nursed for naps. MY fault totally, because I cave every time. She cries when I rock/soothe her.. and when we sit down to nurse, she has this HUGE open mouth as she cries/tries to find my boob! I can't recall how Ferber suggests to stop this nursing-for-naps crutch? I think it was replace w/another soothing method - but she won't have it. So, do I just let her cry (in increments)??

Re: Those that have read/do Ferber - for NAPS. ?s

  • Sleep organization happens with babies doing well at night FIRST, and then naps develop. Nap sleep training a 4-5-6 month old in some cases, will get you nowhere. 

    I'd highly suggest you start with the nighttime sleep first. 

    And pick the Ferber book back up regarding sleep associations.  If you can't recall the method, but you own the book, go ahead and re-read.  Sorry if I'm sounding b!tchy, but this is what Token was talking about in her UO Wink

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