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Christening/Baptism Dress

Does anyone know where I can buy DD a Christening gown?  I have checked the department stores in the Raleigh area and I haven't found one that sells them.  I would prefer to purchase in a store rather than online.  Things look different online than they do in person and I do not have a lot of time.  Thanks : )


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Re: Christening/Baptism Dress

  • Random from a lurker...

    Since my mom can't find my Christening gown that I really wanted to use for my DD. I did some preliminary research hoping to find a physical store to look at some. I haven't actually scouted any of these out, just found them online, but I figured I'd share in case you wanted to call them or pop by or anything... best of luck to you.

    Those first two have the same physical address in Holly Springs, so I don't know what's up with that, but yeah.

    Also I'm pretty sure there's a Once Upon A Child in Cary, I have a friend her got her child's gown from one of those places. 

    And finally, if you have to... I'm pretty sure that the major department stores do carry them, if you have to order a couple online and return the one you don't like you can usually return it to the store itself so you won't have to pay return shipping, but double check on that. Just a thought. 

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  • Shutterbugs will have them.

     LOVE that place. I get a lot of D3's clothes there. 

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  • Babies R Us has a small selection.
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  • Strasburg childrens store has some great ones
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