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Birth Center of SA experience?

Hi.  I just booked my tour with the birth center of san antonio for next week and I was wondering if anyone here has had or knows anyone that has had some experience with them.  

I first interviewed with lonestar midwives and I came out of the interview feeling nervous and like we did not have the same goals as far as labor and delivery.  I want an all natural birth with intervention only if vital.  I have complete faith that my body can handle having a baby if given the chance and the first thing they said to me at lonestar was that intervention is often a necessary part of childbirth.  I don't agree with that and part of me believes that if intervention is often necessary, then the midwife is not doing her job correctly.

Like I said, I have my interview with the birth center next week and I am hoping that I get better vibes from them as I do not know of any other midwife organizations in town. 

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Re: Birth Center of SA experience?

  • I had my daughter there in December 2008 and couldn't have had a better experience.  Alisa was my main midwife and she is wonderful.  Let me know if you have any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them. 
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  • Awesome!  Thanks!  
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  • I found them online...but since my insurance company doesn't cover them, we are seeing a midwife at Austin Area Birthing Center South...they center is amazingly beautiful and all of the midwives there have been great! So if you find that this place isn't for you and want to still go with a birthing center, I would HIGHLY recommend them! But of course, it is a drive! LOL My husband and I are happy to have the alone time though while the kiddos are in school and the youngest spend the day with my mom :-)
  • Just wanted to update that I did indeed go with The Birth Center of San Antonio and they are amazing so far.  My insurance didn't cover it either but when I went for my tour, I fell in love with the ladies there.  So my husband and I decided that since this is an important time in our lives and we can manage it now, we should go with what makes us comfortable.  The ladies here are absolutely great.  I can't wait to have my baby with them.
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