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Milk and Solids...

So for those of you that have started cereals, much formula or breastmilk are you still giving your LO? Like what is your schedule during the day with your feedings and solids? I am trying to figure this out and would like to know what your days look like! Thanks!

Re: Milk and Solids...

  • Baby should still be taking close to, if not the same amount of bm/formula as they were prior to solids. They still get most of their nutrition via bm/formula until about 1 year. I think my pedi says that baby should still be taking 28-32 oz per day, on top of solid foods.

    We are starting in a few weeks. She'll get her a.m. bottle, then an hour later a solids meal (1 tbsp of puree).  I'll do the same thing after her 2:30 bottle in the afternoon. As she gets older, she'll move to 3 "meals" a day. 


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  • Our LO eats twice a day and still takes the same amount (if not more, seriously) milk that she did before we started solids.  I'm not sure this is the norm for babies (I actually don't think it is) but she wants milk right after she has her solids meal.  As in, cries until she gets it.
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  • Lydia still takes the same amount of bottle per day, we just added an evening solids feeding.
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