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Gift for NICU staff?

Did you get a gift for the doctors or nurses after your baby left the NICU?  I feel like I should get them something but I have no idea what.

Re: Gift for NICU staff?

  • I brought big tubs of snacks in for both the NICU and the L&D staff (I was on L&D for 2 weeks). I just filled the tubs with little bags of chips, snack size cookies, candy, etc. I brought them in seperately for both the day and the night shifts.
  • While we were still there we would regularly take in cookies, fruit trays, donuts and coffee, etc.  When we left we gave our 4 primary nurses gift cards for pedicures.  We also wrote a letter to the hospital administrators thanking our dr.s and nurses for the great care we received.
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  • No - but I did bring in baked goods for the whole staff once a week.??
  • I brought in baked goods occassionally throughout Brandon's stay. I sent a tin of Mrs. Fields cookies after he was discharged and gave our 4 primary nurses american express gift cards. I am also going to write a letter to the hospital administrator telling them how great the doctors and nurses were.
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  • We brought in a bouquet from Edible Arrangements and I wrote a thank you letter.
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  • We brought a big box of cookies from this amazing cookie place here for the day and night shifts as well as the weekend.  We also wrote to the admin about the unit in general and then about our favorite nurse specifically.  I was planning on doing something for x-mas too when I send in a picture to show how he has changed.  
  • We plan on giving a couple big cookie platters or other edible gifts to both the NICU team and the nurses I had in the antepartum unit while I was on bed rest for a week.

    I'm also going to write a letter to both units thanking them for how wonderful they were/are and for all the great care we all received (they were great to DH while he was sleeping in my room as well).

  • We took gifts while we were still there.


    once we took a HUGE basket from (from the actual location) in..

    Another time, I put together a very large basket of stuff from Sam's. A layer of a ton of mini-chocolate bars, then a layer of cookies, then a layer of muffins.

    I added a little note from Robbie saying thank you.

    On the one I made, I put "I don't want to hear any complaints about making you fat. As far as I'm concerned, a softer nurse is a better nurse" and I heard one of the nurses says "That Robbie Cox has a good sense of humor." hehe..


    Then when I left, I wrote very sincere thank you notes to about 10 of my favorite people.

  • Hi Ladies,

        I work in L&D and my mom is a NICU nurse. Nurses love food. But I have to admit, the two nicest gifts ever received by our staff are

    1-a year supply of gourmet coffee delivered monthly.

    2-a year supply of fresh fruits delivered monthly.


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