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Postpartum Depression

Is it too late for PPD

My DD is 7.5 months old and I am wondering if I could have PPD.  Nothing seems to excite me anymore, I just don't care about anything. I just started a new business with a good friend who also has a 7 month old and I should be excited but again, I just don't care.  Everything is just blah...I cry for no reason what so ever.  I guess my biggest concern is the lack of caring about anything other than taking care of my DD....everything else is just there, including my marriage.  I also find everything must be perfect at home, clean and done and taken care of RIGHT can't wait till later.  Nothing DH does is right with the baby either, even though he loves her, I just feel like he can't do it right and only I can.

Re: Is it too late for PPD

  • Sounds like PPD to me: crying for no reason, nothing exciting, obsessive cleaning. PPD can happen anytime within the first 12 months after birth.

     Give your OB or Family Doctor a call. They can set you up with meds (if you are willing to go that route) and a therapist. The best thing I did for myself was getting help. Zoloft has worked wonders for my PPOCD! That coupled with a 5 day stay in a psych ward and intensive therapy.

     Hugs. "This too shall pass."

  • I agree with PP. I was diagnosed w/ PPD/A when DD2 was a year old. It's not "too late". Go in and talk to your OB. I wish I had MUCH earlier. I struggled big time after DD1 was born and yet I waited until DD2 was a year old before I got help. Zoloft also worked wonders for me. GL to you :)
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