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Baby shower? Register?

My hubby and I met a few years ago right before we got deployed to Iraq together. We started dating a couple years later and now we're married and having a little ninja.  I quit my civilian job in CA, packed up my stuff, and moved to AZ to be with my hubby where he lived and worked.

My little sister, like me, is very new to baby showers and we're not really sure how it all goes down.   She said she'd like to throw me a baby shower and asked me to give her a list of names of people to invite.   Problem is, all my friends, all pretty much in the military and law enforcement, live a few hours away from each other (AND they're all mostly males).

Then my sister suggested to have a baby shower in AZ instead CA, but I just moved here last month and I don't have any friends and I don't really know anyone.  

People, mostly out-of-state family members, began asking me where we have registered, so I started registering.  Anyway!  Am I supposed to register even though I only have less than 5 people asking where I'm registered????  Should I have a baby shower even though I feel like no one will show up because its so far???  If I don't have a shower, is it still okay and acceptable to register?  


I'm so sorry if I sound ridiculous, its just that I am sooooo new to this.   

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Re: Baby shower? Register?

  • Hi and congratulations!

    I would definitely still register.  It helps to keep track of all the stuff you want to get, even if you know not many people will be buying off of it.  Also, you'll get a completion coupon that you can use to buy what you still need.  Even if people can't come to your shower, some will probably still want to send a gift.

    If your sister wants to throw you a shower, I'd go for it.  She could always do it as a more casual co-ed BBQ or something rather than the typical women-only event with shower games, etc.  If your friends and family are in CA and you don't know anyone here, I'd have the shower in CA.

    I hope this helps!  :) 

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  • I would just have the shower in whatever state you have the most friends in, so CA. Also, I wouldn't worry about having mostly men at the party. It doesn't have to be a girly event if you don't want it to be. My bridal shower was a Jack and Jill shower and we both had a really great time. It was just close friends & family getting together to celebrate.

    Go ahead and register anyway. My family all lives in IL, so it's not easy for them to take me shopping to see what I need, so a registry is a great thing for them. Even if you had the shower in AZ, you CA friends/family would probably still want to feel included and get you gifts. Good luck! 

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  • I agree with pp, have the shower in the state where your friends and family are. More and more showers are co-ed! It is your shower, so do it hope you want to do it. Also, even if you decide not to have a shower, I would still register. People love to buy gifts for babies and it will help you keep track of what you have and need, so you don't end up with three strollers! Congratulations!!
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  • I agree with everyone else. Have a shower in CA it will be nice to see your friends. Registries are great even if you don't have a baby shower. We told all of our family to buy something off the registry for our Christmas and Birthday presents since we don't really need much other than baby stuff.

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