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? about going from reserve to active duty

ok, my husband descided he wants to go active duty. He is corrently a MIL Tech on the civilian side. He wants to go active to further his career. Any how I have  figured up our bills (we own a house) and I think from my figures we can afford to pay it and another rental until it sells.

My question is kinda a two parter, I know they will move you if you are active duty and get restationed/orders, and that they will move you if you get a AGR slot. Or they did for our friend who worked with him as a MIL Tech.

Will they move us or will we have to move ourselves?

My other question how does all this work? He talked to a recruiter about it and he said he just needed his units verbal release to start the process then he would start going over the papers and process ect.

Well I pretty much have a good idea they will give him a date to be there ect but Im not sure what all we have to do. If anyone has some more information about the process or their experiance I would appreciate it.

He's in the Army Reserves right now and we have a 1 year old.

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Re: ? about going from reserve to active duty

  • It can take months to get active. Sometimes they have to repeat the ASVAB. But the process is generally pretty long depending on job and manning. They will move you, you pack and they move. They cover all expenses to move to the new base, plus gas and per diem. They also will give you a BAH, so you will recieve a monthly amount of money for living off base and depending on the dependents. If you live on base, rent is free but no extra money.
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  • Thanks, I was wondering about the moving, he has 3 diffrent classifications right now that he can use to get a slot, and he's hoping they have one of those available and dont have to reclassify him.
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  • Im active so Im not sure if they do the same thing if you're going active but I imagine they would.  If I were to PCS, I would have a few options as to how I would move my family. 

    I could to a DTY move, where I move everything myself and get paid by the mile.  I think I could get money to cove the cost of renting a Uhaul, but Im not sure and it would only be after the fact. 

    I could have to military move everything for me.  They would come into my house, pack everything for me and then load it up and move it.  If I had already packed some of my stuff, they might repack it, depending on their SOP.  In my case, we were deploying and bc we aare dual military, we got temporary storage.  Anything we packed they would write down as already packed  (ex. one box, rather than box a: clothes and dishes). 

    My third option is a partial DITY move.  I move some of my stuff and the military moves some of it. 

    I dont know anything about going from reserve to active.  My best advice is to just roll with it.  Its hard not knowing exactly what's going to happen and when, but most of the time, that's the way it is and everything will work out just fine. :)

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  • 1. SM has to qualify and be released from the USAR before processing with PAPERWORK NOT VERBAL. The military never seals the deal on a hug and a handshake.
    2. No, he does NOT have to retake the ASVAB. It is possible he may not have to do a complete rephys either.
    3. IS AD even TAKING PS at this time?
    4. Once the SM is on official orders, go through the local JPPSO and make the arraignments.  Orders, LOA/POA are required with the latter in case he is not present to release the HHG to the carrier.
    5. DITY/partial DITY is good if not going o/s (LOL) again...POC is JPPSO.
    6. AGR is a different world.  He would need to talk to HIS career counselor at his USAR unit.

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  • We went from reserve to active over a year ago and the Army moved us from MA to GA. It took a while for them to be able to move us though, so we had some time where we were just waiting around for them to get to us, but they paid for our travel and moving all of our stuff.
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