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Looking for ideas for a commissioning party

Hi ladies!

Hubby is enlisted Air Force, but he's applied for commissioning in the Army Medical Service Corps. The board meets in mid-October, so hopefully this time next month we'll have some good news!

I want to put together a nice intimate event to celebrate this great achievement (pending his acceptance, of course) I wanted to see if you ladies knew of any blogs or websites that have featured military commissioning celebrations or any masculine parties you've seen that you'd want to share. I follow a lot of party blogs (as I'm an event planner by profession) but the majority of those events are super girly or for kids. I need some masculine ideas, but would really love anything with a military touch as well. 



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Re: Looking for ideas for a commissioning party

  • I can't wait to hear people's ideas.  I want to do something similar for DH for his graduation and commission (like you said... pending acceptance).  I'm glad you posted this.  As of right now, I've just been thinking about doing a dinner..
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  • It really depends on the person. For my commissioning, we had a brunch with all the family and friends out at a restaurant. For my exH, we had a BBQ the weekend following his commissioning. I have seen catered cocktail attire events and seen celebrations at a country bar. It can be whatever you would like it to be.

    The commissioning ceremony traditionally has cake/punch. The new officers can cut the cake with a sabre(or sword) if those are available. If they would like to use a sabre to cut the cake at a home event, they can check with local ROTC units to borrow a saber.

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