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Thanks from a lurker...and a question

I was supposed to be a June mom but LO was born a few days early making him a May baby.  I haven't posted on this board, but I admit to lurking a lot :)  I want to thank you for all the posts on sleep training as they have been and I'm sure will continue to be very helpful!  The rest of the June board isn't really going through any sleep training yet so its been nice to look to you ladies to see what is working for you. 

We are in the process of breaking a paci addiction for sleep using Ferber.  It got to the point that LO was waking 6-8 times at night just for the paci.  One night, he woke up 3 times in an hour and 15 minutes!  I know he wasn't hungry because I had just fed him.  Last night was night 3 of sleep training and he is now only waking 0-1 times per night crying out for the paci (which we don't give him) and once to eat around 4:30am...a HUGE improvement.  (FYI...He knows how to suck on his fingers so I know he has the ability to self soothe....I would never sleep train this early if he couldn't do that yet.)  

This issue is naps have completely gone to crapola :(  He used to go down for naps fairly easily if he had the paci but the past 3 days without it, he refuses to nap in his crib...just screams bloody murder.  I've been trying the crib but if that doesn't work I've been letting him nap other places (on me, stroller, ergo, swing) but I'm worried that this is setting a bad example.  

So my question:  is it normal to see some regression in naps when starting to sleep train?  I know I should get the night sleep under control first, then work on naps but I don't want to give him the paci in his crib just to get him to nap....I feel that sends mixed signals (ok for naps but not at night).  We are allowing the paci outside of the crib (car seat, stroller, swing) and he is currently napping in his swing with the paci as I type this after a failed crib nap.  Any advice on how to handle the napping at this point in the sleep training?  He's just responded so well with night sleep that its hard to see him so tired during the day but refusing to nap in his crib.   

This lurker thanks you so much in advance for your thoughts and advice! 

Re: Thanks from a lurker...and a question

  • I'm curious what others say, but for me, naps got crappy before we started sleep training. I've heard a lot of complaints about 30 minute naps, so I'm starting to think it's just a phase most babes go through.
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  • Right now I would take a 30 minute crib nap over no crib nap (and then sometimes no nap) at all :(  He's always been a 45 minute napper though so I figured I'd deal with that issue next.  

    Why did no one ever tell me that you actually have to TRAIN babies to sleep???  I seriously thought they just did it on their own! 

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  • I'm sorry, I don't have any advice but I want to thank you for your post.  My DS has been waking up 6-10 times each night for his paci as well.  Last night was night 1 of sleep training.  I hate listening to him cry, but I was tough last night and only gave in when he was beyond pi$$ed.  How long did you let your LO cry at night?  I know it will get better, but I'm happy to hear I'm not the only one dealing with the paci issue. 

    As far as naps go, we have the same problem, except DS refuses to nap in his crib.  Period.  Paci or no paci.  I'm coming to terms with the fact that I just have a baby who is a craptastic sleeper.  I'm curious to see what advice others have to offer. 


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  • Now that I think of it, my LO started napping less when we sleep trained.  Maybe because she's getting more sleep at night?

    We used our modified Ferber to get rid of the paci.  I let her keep it in the bed, but if she wakes up she finds it and puts it back in herself. :)

  • lurker to lurker...

    A great read for sleep training with modified ferber methods is The Sleepeasy Solution.  Check it out!  It has TONS of help on nap training, schedules, etc.  I used it religiously with #1 and am just getting going with #2.  They say that babies organize day and night sleep differently, but that it's easier to train in one fell swoop.  I would stick to the CIO for naps- they say to give an hour window and it he doesn't sleep get him up and try again an hour later.  If you LO has gone all day with no good daytime sleep, try a carseat or stroller nap and try to get an hour in so that you can have a decent start for the nighttime training... they also suggest losing the paci all together.

    anyway, good luck and I can't recommend this book enough.


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  • it is funny to me evryones pacifier problems because mine was the opposite. she would never take one and was waking up a ridiculous amount she will take a pacifier and sleep in her crib at night and wakesup twice. now to solve the bottle problem and get rid of all the wakeups.

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