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DH and I are expecting our first; however, he'll be deploying very soon. He's not scheduled to be back until a couple months after my EDD, and we were pretty much prepared to deal with this. He's across the country doing work ups in the field, or I would definitely be talkiig with him about this to see what his command says. Today, my OB mentioned that in her experience, deployed service members are given leave around the EDD. I'm not sure about this and hadn't heard about any options. Do you all have any experience with this? He won't be gone a year so it's not like he's getting a R&R or anything like thist. I think it would be great if he could get time off, but I don't want to get my hopes up if it's not even a possibility. Any input is appreciated.

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  • It is completely up to his commander. Some people are granted leave, others are not. He should ask his chain of command how things usually go in his unit. If he isn't getting R&R, then I doubt that they will let him come home after you deliver. He can take his 10 days paternity leave after he returns from deployment.

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  • This is pretty much what I thought. Thanks for the input. And, I may be hormonal, but it annoyed me a little that my OB mentioned it as if she knows the usual happenings for pregnant military spouses. We are over 200 miles from the nearest base and I'm pretty sure that the majority of her patients are in no way affiliated with the military.  Everything annoys me these days though Wink  Thanks again.

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  • So true, your OB probably heard a story once where a servicemember got to come home and assumed all of them do!!

    My husband is most definitely not coming home, even though he is due home a couple weeks after EDD. We didn't even bother asking his command lol. We just said we are lucky enough to be that close to him coming home :)

    I have heard of only two men ever being able to come home, out of the million spouses I've known to have babies while their DH is deployed!
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  • Members getting leave for delivery during deployment is not likely at all. If he were getting R&R his command may try to work it around that, but otherwise no, they do not bring members home for the delivery of their children. There would not be so many who had to miss the birth of their children. He has up to a year to take his 10 days of paternity leave though. 
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  • I do know of several people who have gotten R&R (on less than year long deployments) for the birth of their children, so it definitely does happen.  But it is completely up to his commander.  Good luck!  Hope his commander is family friendly and willing to work with you guys!
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  • Thanks for all your input, ladies. We will certainly be looking into it.
  • It all depends on the reason for his deployment and if his unit will allow it. I would for SURE ask for it. Would your doctor induce you on an agreed upon date and then that way you husband would know the time frame he'd need to come home? It's an option to discuss I suppose.
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  • They mostly send guys home from DH?s unit on less than year long deployments. It just depends on his command.

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