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R&R- Passes at airport

How do you get the passes at the airport to go to the gate? I totally forget! 

Do I need to bring orders? Is there a limit on how many people can go through? 

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Re: R&R- Passes at airport

  • And do they only let spouses and children through?
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  • I just showed the person at the ticket counter my mil ID. She found DH on the manifest, and printed up gate passes for LO and me. I've heard that there is a limit to the number, but I have not encountered that situation. Yeah for R&R!!!

    ETA: I don't know about others getting gate passes. It likely depends on the specifics--person working, how busy they are, size of airport. . . Good luck!
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  • Ive only ever done it for me. (Didnt have DD at the time). But I went to the USO and they gave me a thing to give to the person at the counter. But that was in Hawaii and they have military flying through there all the time. I haven't done it anywhere else either. But YAY for R&R!
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  • In my experience it depends on the airport and the airline.  Some have allowed me to get a pass at the counter and others have required something from the USO. Either way I would suggest showing up early in case you are faced with either of those situations.

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  • I've done it at several airports (Honolulu, Baltimore, Washington DC, Dallas, San Diego...) and every time all I had to do was go to the ticket counter while he was checking in and ask to go to the gate with him. After showing my ID they gave me a security card and off we went. Simple as that.
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