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If your LO is on solids....

How many times a day is s/he eating them?

When did you increase from once to twice a day? Or when do you plan to?

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Re: If your LO is on solids....

  • We are planning to start solids around 5 months.  (a few more weeks, as I'm seeing her show her readiness cues.)  With my son, I fed him a breakfast and an afternoon meal.  Both about 45-60 minutes after taking a bottle.  Usually only a tablespoon here and there to start.  

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  • C's nutritionist said after a couple weeks we could increase to twice a day. She said we can serve to options at each meal or just try different things at each meal (does that make sense? like carrots and peas in the morning or carrots in the morning, peas in the evening). We just started so we haven't gotten there yet.  I bet JS would go for twice a day and H might benefit from the practice since they they have been trying solids for a few weeks.
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