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Not the milestone I wanted

LO got his first cold Sad He has never been even slightly sick so it breaks my heart to see him like this. He's not all that bad but he's a little congested and he gets aggravated trying to breathe because it makes him cough. I put him in the bathroom with the hot water running for a few minutes, it helped to loosen up stuff and I was able to use the bulb syringe to suck up some stuff out but he hates it when I suction his nose. He had a low grade fever last night, I gave him some Tylenol and it helped him sleep too (I just feel bad giving him medicine). What has worked for you if your LO got sick?  

Re: Not the milestone I wanted

  • Poor babe Sad No answers in the sickness though, sorry
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  • We used a humidifier and that helped a lot, more than I thought it would, and we got a nosefrieda. It's weird, but it works great and it doesn't bother him as much. The bulb syringe was causing irritation at his nostrils because of the hard plastic too.
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  • I don't know if it is a cold, but our baby just got first sniffles too.  We've been using the bulb syringe also, even though she hates it.  Our Pedi said we could try using a plain saline nasal spray to loosen up the gunk, but make sure its plain saline, no medicine.  We haven't tried it because it seems to be getting better already, but it could be worth a shot!

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  • Saline drops, Nosefrida and a humidifier. And you just ride it out.

    I don't give Tylenol unless the fever is over 101.

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  • Take a long hot shower with him.

    Saline drops and a cool mist humidifier help too.  Don't feel bad about giving him medicine if you can see it's helping him feel better and get some sleep. 


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  • I got the Vicks cool mist humidifier to run for her at night and the pediatrician recommended inclining her crib/matress so everything can drain when she's sleeping (we didn't do this because she squirms and rotates, I don't think it would work for us).

    I ended up catching the cold too, I tried nursing her more often so she'd get the antibodies that I was making as I was working it out of my system.  It's still lingering though.  I might invest in that snot sucker nosefrida thing...I think it's really gross but people seem to really like it.

  • imageiris427:

    Take a long hot shower with him.

    Saline drops and a cool mist humidifier help too.  Don't feel bad about giving him medicine if you can see it's helping him feel better and get some sleep. 

    Man, I totally forgot about showering with LO!!!!   That definitely works.  Or at the very least put them in a steamy bath area.  I'll have to try that tonight and then suction his little nose--my guy woke up with sniffles this morning too.  Sucks.

    Keeping bed elevated (head) is good too. 

  • We steam up the bathroom and sit in there, little noses saline spray and suction and then sleep with a cool water vaporizer. It works every time! 
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