Because calling Tricare gives me a migraine... — The Bump
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Because calling Tricare gives me a migraine...

Does anyone know if at a certain point Tricare Prime will not cover you if you travel out of area and go into labor? Not for a PCS or anything military related.

I could have sworn that in my OB orientation the nurse mentioned that after X number of weeks, I couldn't go anywhere or I'd risk not getting covered for the birth. The Tricare lady on the phone just now said she's not aware of any prohibition. Of course, she also started asking me about referrals for maternity care, so she clearly only reads from a script.

Am I crazy? Hearing things? I'm at the LeJeune OB clinic, if that helps.

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Re: Because calling Tricare gives me a migraine...

  • 36 weeks. I have no idea how strict this policy is.
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  • I think it depends on just how far you go and how close to your due date.  Given a catchment area is a ONE HOUR drive distance, that could be going to the nearest big city for a shopping trip. 
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    36 weeks. I have no idea how strict this policy is.

    I agree with this. With my first, the OB told me the same thing as you, that was at Ft. Bragg. Now we're at Ft. Jackson and there has been no mention of it. But I'm pretty sure they wouldn't cover it, they would probably say "you knew it could happen, so why risk going into labor while on leave?" or something stupid like tricare always says. I'd play it safe and stay close to home.

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  • It was 34 weeks at Ft Hood. I had to sign a paper stating that I understood this. DH was TDY to San Antonio at the time, and it sucked that I couldn't go visit him. Then again, LO showed up at 35 weeks anyways :)


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  • I asked this specific question a few weeks ago at our TriCare on our base. I was told there is no limit on travel if you have TriCare prime. If it's an emergency just go to the emergency room. If you need OB services out of your region, like I do, you need to jump through some hoops. I just traveled 2100 miles at 32 weeks and will be traveling again at 38 weeks. My H made sure he had a list of hospitals along our route and I carried my OB records with me. If you are traveling really far I'd make sure that it's OK with your Dr.

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  • Thank you ladies.

     I wish I could get it in writing that I could go and they'd cover :-/ I'm consistently traveling from now until 26 weeks,then we want to go to the ball when I'll be 28 weeks, and then on a babymoon when i'm 30-31 weeks.

     I do have secondary insurance so I suppose worse case I'd have a copay, but still. I checked with the airline, and they let you travel up to 7 days within your due date, which seems crazy to me!

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  • Let's put it this way: Tricare covers all emergency care. Going into labor is an emergency. Going into labor while on a vacation or at your friend's wedding should then be covered.

    Never heard of this rule, nor was it mentioned in two pregnancies.  

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