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rec your video monitor

ours is pretty terrible... we have the summertime b&w monitor, and i can either have the vidoe on, or be able to hear the sound. not both. i've never been able to use the cordless sound only monitor (it never worked), and now we're getting all sorts of static interference with it. anyone love their monitor before i go out and take a $150 gamble on a new one?

Re: rec your video monitor

  • We bought ours over 3 yrs ago.  It's a Summer with the flat screen monitor.   Looking at their website, it doesn't look like they sell it like when we bought it.  

    This is basically it, minus the hand held monitor.

    We love it.  We only had one issue with it and it was the on/off button wore out.  I called them up and even though it was out of warranty they sent me a new one!  Great customer service!

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  • We have the Summer Infant babyTouch.  We upgraded for #2 so we could have one that scans multiple rooms.  We ditched the Summer Day & Night one for it.  It was a piece of crap and was so staticky.  This one is SO different.  No static at all and huge screen, pans and zooms, scans up to 4 rooms.  Love it! 

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  • We just got the Summer Infant BabyTouch  about a week ago and have been happy with it, so far.  It is a digital instead of an analog? monitor.  I thought that would make the picture quality better, but it's actually worse - it doesn't bother me, though - it's just a little fuzzier (pixelated) than our older one. 

    We got it b/c I liked the features that you can move the camera around from the handheld (since we have a toddler and we want to see where he is if he gets out of bed), and I like that you can add another camera and it will toggle every 10? seconds between cameras - that way I can hear both rooms at night.  (Our Summer Day/Night one could add a camera, but you had to manually switch from A to B in order to see each of them.)  You can also talk through it to the room, so you can either tell DH something while he is up there, or when they are older, you can just tell them to go back to sleep, etc.

    I really liked the one we had (Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld) for about the first 2 years, then the static started getting ridiculous on it - it was hard to go to sleep since it was so unpredictable.  The digitals are supposed to have less interference.  Also, I wanted a new monitor for #2 with the features above, so I just got a new one.  The day & night did have a clearer pictures, though.

  • We have the Samsung one.

    One thing we also like is that it's expandable. You have have multiple cameras if you want a couple rooms watched. You just have to switch the setting on the monitor.

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  • We have a Levana video monitor and just love it. The picture quality is great (both day and night). 
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