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Postpartum Depression

High Risk for PPD...

A little background info... DD#2 failed her newborn hearing screen in the hospital. We followed up with an audiologist who diagonsed her with having moderate to severe unilateral (one ear) hearing loss. She was diagnosed with this at 13 days old and I was a mess for about a week or so, I cried all the time. Every time I looked at her I cried. It never interfered with my ability to take care of her, I was just sad that my perfect on the outside baby was not perfect on the inside... Now, I consider myself in 'the calm before the storm' because we are waiting on appointments with all of her specialists that we have been referred to, not to mention that we have more hearing screens to do, possibly have genetics involved, and she has to have surgery to remove 2 skin tags she has on her left ear and cheek (the same ear that she has hearing loss on). Then, we start all of our EI therapies and hearing aids, etc. and for insurance and financial reasons I HAVE to work full time.

I don't feel depressed at this point. I have come to accept everything, and still think she is perfect no matter what they tell me. However, I feel as though I am at high risk for getting depression once we start seeing specialists, surgery, going to therapies, trying to work, etc. I feel as though I will have alot on my plate coming up in the next few months. I was on Zoloft back when I was in college because I was in a bad relationship and was living in a town that I hated and was depressed about my situation- which I fixed by ending the relationship and transferring schools- no need for meds anymore.

My 6 week pp checkup is next week. Should I talk to my OB about this? Do you think it is safe for me to start maybe taking meds now so that I don't feel overwhelmed and depressed a few months from now when all the craziness starts? (The earliest we can see any specialists is end of October). I am pumping, so I don't want to take anything that will interfere with this, but at the same time I don't want a few months to go by and all of a sudden have these overwhelming feelings and try to see my OB and have her say that I'm technically not PP anymore and write it off for me to follow up with my primary care doctor (which I haven't seen here in about 3 years because I've been pregnant 2 times in the past 2.5 years and never sick). I'd feel more comfortable talking to my OB. I got to know her real well towards the end of my pregnancy because I had some issues, so I was seeing her at least 2times a week.

Any thoughts?

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Re: High Risk for PPD...

  • That is a rough situation.  My prayers go out to you.

    It's great that you are keeping tabs on this.  I would definately bring it up to your OB at your 6 week PP.  I don't know that she would have you start taking anything pre-emptively.  However, talking about it now, getting it on your charts could mean a quick phone call or short visit later to re-evaluate and get a prescription if needed.  PPD can 'technically' start anytime within the first year, so I wouldn't put as much worry into that fear.

    I'm on Zoloft, which is considered safe for BF, so there are meds out there you can take.

    I hope all the appointments with you and DD go well, with compassionate doctors and medical staff.  Let us know how your 6 weeks turns out.

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  • I agree that you should talk to your OB at your 6 wk PP appt.  Then if you do feel overwhelmed they may be able to possibly even just call in a script for you


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