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Tidee Didee?

Has anyone used Tidee Didee for diaper services, or any other ones in the Portland area? I'm thinking of doing a service for the first month or so until Lucy grows in the cloth diapers that I have for her, not to mention it would be nice to not worry about washing for the first couple of months. LOL!

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  • I haven't used them, but I heard some not-so-great things about their service. But it was hearsay, so I don't know how accurate the reviews were. But I'm really posting because I'm really curious how eco/baby friendly their washing is (do they use bleach, etc). If you find out more about them, or if anyone else knows, I'd love to hear!

    FWIW, once DS was about 4 wks old, things seemed normal enough for me to handle extra loads w/out thinking about it. I'm sure that depends on how much you work, temperament of the baby, etc.

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  • I used it for the first few months with DD and I liked them. I was nice not having to think about extra laundry, but then I decided that a couple of loads per week wasn't too bad and quit. I am currently completely swamped and have "allowed" myself the respite of not doing poopy diapers (especially since she is long past the newborn/breast-milk poo) and am using them again for a little while. I was worried that they wouldn't come back as clean as they were before but they do a great job at getting them clean.

     Just know, they only do the pre-folds and then you have to get (and wash yourself) the covers...which is why I decided to go ahead and wash them myself before. Also, I don't know what they use on them, I am sure you can call them and ask.


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