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Cadden Philip's Birth Story

Not much to write about since I had a scheduled C-section on Wed., August 24....however, the prize at the end of the road was completely worth the nervousness!  I went into the hospital at 6:30am on August 24 with my hubby at my side telling me that it's almost over and we're meeting our son in 2 hours...I was petrified and he could tell.  We were set up with a bed in the recovery room...not much action in the L&D floor at this time...not even a baby in the nursery, so we were the only ones there, which I was happy about b/c I was such a baby about the IV (this was the worst part of the whole procedure).  They hooked me up to the IV (well, attempted 3 times and finally got it...I guess my nerves were collapsing my veins) and I asked for a cold wash cloth (or 5) to calm myself down and cool down a bit. 

At 8:45 (I was scheduled for 8:30...oh, the torture), my Dr came in and said, are you ready?  I said "no!", but also said, "I just want to get this over with and see my baby!"  So, I walked into the OR dragging the evil IV with me and sat down on the table to get the spinal....this was soooo painless!  I was anxious about this, too, but it was NOTHING!  I felt a pinch in my left hip, but that was it!  Then a warm sensation throughout my lower half and they lay me down, but the curtain up (I didn't feel clostrophobic like I thought I would, but I did feel nauseous, so they gave me something for that.  Tons of tugging, pulling, pushing later and Cadden Philip was born at 9:12am, measuring at 6lbs, 12 oz, 20 inches long.  DH has pics on his phone and I can't locate my camera, but will post pictures when I get the camera back.  He's adorable, but looks like DH (he only has my ears and hands Embarrassed !) 

 Although I tortured myself about having the section, it wasn't bad AT poor friends that have labored and then had to get a section anyway, I feel for you!  Just go directly to the section!  I initially felt like I was robbed of the whole labor and delivery experience, but no matter how the baby gets here, the end result is all that matters....a healthy baby...

The best part of this whole thing: The day we were released from the hospital, we were evacuated from our home b/c of Hurricane Irene and had to drive 2 hours to my mother's house.  Our house ended up flooding, so DH is cleaning out the mud now...we have to get our whole first floor gutted and redone...if I didn't have this little guy, I would be a mess!  He's our angel!

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