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everyone please read re: AmyGrnEyz

I don't know her but I would like to do something for AmyGrnEyz since she lost her sweet little boy Jack.... my heart just breaks for her and her family... 

Would anyone else be interested.... we could maybe do a collection using paypal and either just send her the money to help out... or maybe we could do something to honor her son like adopt a star in his name or something....

If anyone is interested please post here or email me at powers dot hannah at gmail dot com...



Re: everyone please read re: AmyGrnEyz

  • I'm not sure why I came over to this board, but something made me check it out.

    I've been in contact with Amy for about three years now, we met when we were both pregnant at the same time with our sons. We met on the nest's baby board. (Amy - if you see this, it's Tiffany  from PA)

    I followed Jack's story for the past three years via his carepage.Jack was a truly couragous little boy who taught me so much about life. Amy and her family suggested (on the carepage/obituary) that people make donations to the Univ. of Michigan's Mott Medical Center ( I think this is what it is called), where Jack received his medical treatment over the years. I can get more information for you if you would like in regards to where to send donations.

    Amy - I'm praying for you! I emailed you today. I hope you and your family are doing as well as possible.

  • Tiffany - that would be fantastic if you could get more info about where to send donations.

    Thank you very much!


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  • I would be happy to donate

  • Hi Ladies,

     Here is the information from Jack's obituary. I know Amy would be so touched to know that this was being done in honor of Jack.

    Save A Heart Program
    Congenital Heart Center
    University of Michigan Health System
    L1242 Women's
    1500 East Medical Center Drive SPC 5204
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5204


    Please, do not forget to keep them in your prayers.

  • Hi Tiff! I am so sorry I did not email you back, I have not emailed anyone back. Thank you for helping to organize this. I miss my son more than anything. No human should ever feel this type of pain.
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