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4 weeks and bloated?!

We JUST found out I am pregnant! First time mommy! We are so very excited. I went in two days ago to get a blood preg. test and showed positive. :)  My breast are a little tender and I've noticed that I look extremely bloated... Like right before I get my period. Im not overweight so I can tell it's different than normal. Is my mind playing tricks on me or did any one else notice bloating this early into a pregnancy?

Re: 4 weeks and bloated?!

  • I'm extremely bloated.  I was with my son too.  I was in maternity clothes with him by the time I was 6 weeks pregnant.  My mom and all the other women in my family are the same way.  I asked my doctor about it.  He said that my body is recognizing the pregnancy hormone in my body and making room for the baby.
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  • Congrats! First time mommy here too! I was bloated for the first couple days I found out, it's coming and going. At work I sit with my pants unbuttoned, lol
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  • Bahahaha! I had to unbutton my pants at my desk yesterday as well. Does not bode well for what is to come! But yes, I've been bloated since pretty much the first day we found out we were pregnant. It's so nice to know I'm not alone in this!
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  • I bloated up quite a bit, and my breasts were sore too.  I didn't think anything of it until my emotions went a little haywire and I was crying over a smoked potato.  When DH saw me crying over it, that's when we realized I was pregnant.  I was about 3.5 weeks at the time.


    It happens!  :o

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  • I started bloating immediately and now that I am almost 6 weeks I only have one pair of pants that fit
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  • I am so happy I found this! I am 4 wks 2 days and SO bloated! It's so uncomfortable and frustrating. I'm a small person, so I'm really self-conscious about it. I've even noticed I'm up 2 lbs. from last week. Does the bloating get better at all? This is my first pregnancy.
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