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3rd birthday....did u do a friend party?

If so, what time did u start? I still havent decided if I'm just having family or inviting a few of their friends. For the last 2 years (family only). we had the party at noon and just accepted it would be a no-nap day. If I invite other kids, do I need to worry abour nap schedules? Thanks!

Re: 3rd birthday....did u do a friend party?

  • My older boys are 4 and we still haven't done a friend party.  They have asked for one next year though.  Grrrr.  I guess I avoided it for as long as possible!  =)

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  • We had DS2's 3rd birthdya this year at  Chuck E. Cheese with just family.  He doesn't have a lot of friends yet cause he's not in school.  He had a great time!!

    It started at 11am and went to 2pm.  Which is just in time for naps. 

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  • My son will be 4 in December & this year will be the first year we invite his friends, but that is only because starts preschool next month & has already said he wants to invite all the new friends he'll make. My mom watches him during the week & he is the only grandchild so other than my DH's & my friends that have kids he doesn't know alot of kids his age.

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  • Yes.  I invited my friend and thier kids which are his friends and the kids in his daycare class (3 came).  It was at 12pm because that is the only time venue had parties (train museum). 

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  • We did a friend/cousins party.   Had ten 2-5 years olds.   Party was 12-3.  We did a race car theme

    From 12-12:45, the kids just played.   I had all of DS's cars out.   Plus I had car crafts on the table(coloring sheets and wooden cars to decorate)  We had a veggie tray, chips, pretzels, and dip out for everyone to munch on.

    12:45-1:15ish-LUNCH!  We ordered several pizzas.   Kid pies were cut into 16 slices instead of 8.

    1:15-2 more playing.   They had a blast in the yard.   I had a toss the bean bag in the tire game set up.

    2-Cake.   Once they ate their cake, people started to leave.   By 2:45, everyone was gone except 2 friends that stayed to help us clean up.  

    DS didn't nap at all that day and went to bed early.


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  • We've always had friend parties. Well, I mean, at their age, their only real friends are each other. :P But I mean, my friends' kids get invited.

    For their 3rd bday, we did the party at 3, and they had to get woken from their naps for the party. They were HELLA grumpy. (See pic here.)  So for their party this year, it's going to be at 11. I am not dealing with unhappy birthday boys again!

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  • Yes. Most of DD1's friends did.

    DD's started at 11 and we served lunch. It was about 11-1.

    Friend's parties were at: 11am (lunch), 5pm (dinner served) and 3pm. The hardest was 3pm because it interfered with nap. Most of us had the kids nap early and woke them up early and they were fine. The other times were just fine.

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  • We always do friends parties.  The best time I've seen work for families with all ages is 5-7.
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  • No, it was family only and we invited only three of his friends.

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  • Yes, DD's party was a few weeks ago and went from 11am-1pm.  We had about 9 kids around age 3, and none of them nap before lunch anymore.  We had enough time in the first hour or so for princess dress up and photos, 2 crafts (picture frames and fairy wands) and 2 games (a hunt for "dragon eggs" in the back yard, which were sparkly easter eggs filled with princess themed prizes, and Kiss the Frog, which is like Pin the Tail on the Donkey only with paper lips pinned to a big frog).  Then we did lunch and cake in the second hour.  We saved present opening until after the kids went home.  This was about the perfect length party for this age.
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  • We had everyone in his class for DS#1's 3rd bday party.  Ours went from 10:30 am -12:30 pm.  All the other kids in his class also had morning parties. DS#1 still takes naps so we wanted to allow for naps for him and the other kids. 
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