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Oh lord...

We sat the boys down to discuss their sports selections for the upcoming year.

My oldest is NOT athletic.  We've done soccer and he says his favorite part is the snack.  Just not into it.

My youngest is very athletic but small.  Loves to play pretty much anything where the older one would rather sit and read.

So - the younger one says "Soccer on Ryan's team" (his BFF at school's dad is coaching a team).  Cool.  Done.

The older one shouts "Football" and starts jumping up and down.


After DH and I exchange serious WTF glances.......  

me:  "Wha?"

Dylan:  "Football.  Not flag football but TACKLE football."

Ummm.... I know he's been playing on football on the playground at school a bit lately but seriously?

It's gonna require some valium (for me) before I let my scrawny, timid, mellow kid play tackle football. 

Thank God they don't let them at 5 with our local options.

He's doing a clinic with 4 and 5 yr olds and I'm secretly hoping he decides he prefers something less likely to break bones as his sport of choice.

And yes...  I grew up in Texas where Football is second only to God so I know many moms and dads strive for this kinda interest but a dear friend was injured on a life altering scale playing high school ball and it just freaks me out a bit. 

On the flip side this could be a great thing for him so I'm trying hard to keep an open mind in case he does make it past this flag football clinic and really want to play tackle football.

But I'm serious when I say I'm gonna need some valium.


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Re: Oh lord...

  • I dread the day my boys ask to play football. In Nebraska they are about as crazy as texans! Not something I want to see my boys doing either. Valium may not be strong enough.

  • Yikes. Football freaks me out, too. 
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  • i dread those words... Im seriously pushing for soccer and basketball in my household.  Perhaps your DS will have a good throwing arm and just be the quarterback...
  • Oh, my! Now this is something I haven't even begun to worry about, thanks! :) Well, GL to you and your DS this season....
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  • yikes! I love football and watch it a lot, but we won't let the boys play it when they're old enough.  When I was in high school, a kid on the other team was paralyzed (I think from the neck down). 
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