Don't hate me- but I think my kid Ferbered himself. — The Bump
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Don't hate me- but I think my kid Ferbered himself.

I have been dreading doing any sleep training- really, like making any excuse in the world, but it was starting to take a really long time to get D down and he was not really able to put himself back to sleep at all at night anymore. 

Well, we triedfor the first time last weekend( actually DH did- I am such a chicken, I went and sat on the deck with my iPod)  and he cried for less than a minute.   I was barely outside when DH came to get me to tell me the coast was clear. 

Every night since then- he has literally taken his bottle and gone right in his crib- Not a peep.

Tonight, he actually looked like he was annoyed at me because I did not put him in the crib right away.  lol


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Re: Don't hate me- but I think my kid Ferbered himself.

  • Our experience wasn't quite as good as yours, but close.  We put it off until 8months or so when I stopped bf'ing (I was worried that she was waking up b/c she was hungry so once she was eff, I knew she was getting enough with her last bottle).  When she woke up DH went in at the 3 minute mark and then I went in at the 5 minute mark, she was still crying when I left so I went to the bathroom and turned on the vent and the sink so I couldn't hear her and when I came out she was asleep.  We never had an issue again.

    I think the trick is doing it at the right time.  we pretty much got lucky on it but I think it would have been a much different experience if we did it earlier or even if we did it much later.




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  • I love this story!  It just goes to show that not every kid has to scream his/her heart out for nights and nights on end.

    Caroline was ridiculously easy to sleep train...and I'm now Dr. Ferber's biggest fan.  I PPH him...seriously...

    Way to go, D!!


  • Stories like this make me wonder wtf I'm doing wrong or who I pissed off in a past life to get such bad sleepers :(.
  • Sa-weet! Good job, little guy :D
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  • That is awesome!  We haven't done this yet but if we get to that point, I hope it goes this well!
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    Stories like this make me wonder wtf I'm doing wrong or who I pissed off in a past life to get such bad sleepers :(.
    Dont feel bad. I have one good sleeper and one bad sleeper myself!
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    Stories like this make me wonder wtf I'm doing wrong or who I pissed off in a past life to get such bad sleepers :(.

    Ha!  I thought the same thing!

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  • So jealous!
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  • NICE!!!!!
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  • Hooray!  We didn't do a specific sleep training, but we did try very hard to give him a chance to go back to sleep when he woke outside of feeding times.  Starting around 6 months, he had a really predicatable nursing schedule overnight, and if he woke up in between, we'd give it 5 min or so to see if he'd go back down.  He nearly always did.  I think for us, the combo of him generally being a good sleeper and also doing the "training" when he was young was key. I fully suspect we are just very lucky!!



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  • Yay!!!!  Our story wasn't this easy as it took 2 nights but that 3rd night my DD was like ummm mom lets get the show on the road haha.  I hope you continue with your success! =)  Love success stories reminds me that I can do it with the twins ;)

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