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high protein snack idea for GD??

Sorry if this is discussed a lot, I'm new to the board.  Does anyone have any good higher protein snack ideas.  I'm so sick of hardboiled eggs, peanut butter and cheese (sigh)  I just can't seem to get into the idea of chowing down on a chicken breast for my morning snack.


Re: high protein snack idea for GD??

  • Kefir --- the plain has MUCH less carbs.  Its like drinking yogurt though, so it may take some getting used to.

    Also... maybe try natural peanut butter instead of something like Jiff.  I have some that I bought at Costco that I have to keep in the fridge... it has a different texture than regular peanut butter and still has me interested.


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  • i bought a big bag of turkey jerky from costco. it's been helping me a lot. a 1 oz serving has 13 g of protein and 5 g of carbs.
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  • Muscle Milk Drink - you can get from Costco.
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  • Greek yogurt (like Chobani) with a few nuts thrown in...

    Hummus (if you like it, of course!) with some high-fiber crackers or fresh veggies.

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  • I break up my snacks into 15g or so. There's Boost Glucose Control - it's an 8 oz drink with 16 g carbs and 16g protein.  I find them at a grocery store by my home and at a CVS near my office, but they can be difficult to find (the stores are often out of them).  I usually save these for those times when I'm not really hungry, but need to have the snack per doctor's orders.  The chocolate drink tastes like slim fast if you've ever had that.  Not the greatest taste, but it goes down easy enough.
  • Greek or Icelandic yogurt.

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  • I usually have greek yogurt and some roasted almonds.  I know what you mean about getting sick of peanut butter!
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  • God I never tire of cheese...waistline wishes I did!  My nutritionist suggested the Ensure drinks like the ones with Revigor, more protein for muscle building.  For me it's so much easier to drink something than to prepare and eat a snack. 

    What about those ready to eat grilled chicken strips in the grocery store?  Some are flavored/cooked with marinades which does sound more appealing than chowing just a chicken breast!  Slices of real turkey wrapped around some spinach and carrot sticks?

    I'm with the other PPs who said hummus and greek yogurt.  Tho I have to watch myself not to overdo the crackers and get a good yogurt that's not loaded up with added sugar.

    I like nuts and seeds which are more portable than peanut butter for sure.  And it gives me an excuse to get the good expensive ones for variety LOL  I splurge on the soy milk some too because it has protein and more calcium than regular milk.  Plus again I'd rather drink than chew. 

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  • Newman's Own High Protein pretzels.  

    Soy Crisps - they come in all kinds of flavors.

    cottage cheese with blueberries.


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