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The Birthplace/Southwest General Hospital

Hi everyone!

I just got a BFP! My husband and I are so excited since we've been trying for our second! 

I've already started looking for doctors *I already had a feeling I was pregnant since I was 9 days late* and Wow, its been hard! Who knew it could be so hard finding reviews for doctors?? Like actual patient experiences? I've searched everywhere!

Back to the reason for my post, I took my pregnancy test at a clinic, and was given a bunch of information on Southwest General Hospital's recent expansion, The Birthplace. Its specializes in labor & delivery, and even has an on site NICU which all sounds great. My only issue is I can't find any reviews for it so I have no idea how it actually is? I've heard many bad experiences with the hospital's emergency room, but since they are different buildings I would assume The Birthplace isn't like that? If anyone has ever been there, given birth there or knows anyone who has could you please let me know?? I need to pick a doctor soon to get everything going but not sure if I should go there or not. Tongue Tied



(sorry for my long rant!)

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Re: The Birthplace/Southwest General Hospital

  • Congratulations!  I have some experience with The Birthplace-- I used to work with moms who delivered there, and I've been present for two births.  The nurses are great, same with the NICU.  The only doctor I've worked with that delivered there was Dr. Moshin Kapasi.  He is located on the Southside (near the Birthplace).  I know 40+ girls and women who have used him for OB and Gyn care, and they liked him. 

     Good luck with your search!

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  • Congratulations! I don't know if you already made a choice for your birth but I wanted to offer my opinion. I am a birth & postpartum doula here in San Antonio. In my experience themost natural birth friendly hospital here is St. Lukes. They have a wonderful OB group there called Lonestar OB's that also has a midwife group that practices with them. They accept almost all insurance including medicaid. I had a terrible birth experience with a client at Southwest General and will no longer attend births there. I wish you all the best for you delivery!

    Carol Marley


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