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Rescue/Emergent Cerclage: Lot's of questions...and an Intro.

Quick Intro: In 2009 I found I was pregnant with my DS and that I had high grade cervical dysplasia at the same appointment.When DS was 3 months, a year later, a Specialist performed a much needed LEEP. In April I found out I was pregant again with my DD- everything looked great until my A/S when my CL dropped from 3.6 to 1.6...3 weeks of in and out of the Hospital, my Doctor decided to do a Rescue Cerclage at 21 weeks- CL went from 1.3 to 3.3 (wahoo) but it turned out the stitch was very much needed as the LEEP had removed a large portion of my cervix and they placed 3 stitches. I had my first check up Wed. and things looked stable, but I am still on strict bedrest with shower/meal privledges. Whew...long intro!


1. Anyone out there in the same situation? How are you coping?

2. Any success stories? How long did you carry?

3. Were you ever realesed from BR to carry your L/O- I really miss holding him!!!

4. Did your CL ever increase?



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Re: Rescue/Emergent Cerclage: Lot's of questions...and an Intro.

  • If your cervix hadn't opened yet I didn't think they considered it an emergent cerclage.  When you're dilating they're concerned about rupture and pregnancy loss.  Women with the prophylatic cerclages (before dilation) often go back to work and a modified but more normal routine.  So maybe you'll get to ease up on the restrictions before it's all over. 

    I didn't have a shortening issue.  Mine was dilated and the bag bulging down.  I had 5 stitches around with each McDonald cerc.  I feel much better now.  Bedrest was overwhelming, frustrating and I wanted to fight it.  But now I see the light at the end and can feel my LO moving so it has all been worth it like everyone says.

    No delivery yet but I've successfully gone from cerclages at 19 and 21 weeks to carrying to 28 weeks so far. 

    I've not been released from bedrest in any way.  It's the same bathroom, shower, meals only that I can stand or recline for.  I don't have any other LOs. 

    And again I didn't have a length issue.  After my 1st cerc I started effacing but that didn't happen after the 2nd one. 

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  • For some reason I can not see your post I can omly see cotton lily response weird Ill try later to see if I can read your post. But to reply to what she put you can have an emergent cerclage with out dialation but I haven't read your whole story like I said IDK why I cant read your post
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  • I had a similar situation.  I had 2 LEEPs in 2001, plus several hysteroscopies/laps/D&C's because of endo.  At my 20w A/S, my cervix was 2.1 and I was sent straight to the hospital for MFM consult and to have a cerclage placed.  The next morning when they checked again, I was down to 1.7.  After the cerclage, I was about 2.2, but quickly funneled to the stitch.  I spent 14 weeks on strict bedrest - I got off 2 weeks early because I went into PTL that stalled when I got my epidural.  I started to dilate through my stitch and it had to be removed. 

    I won't say my pg was easy after the cerclage - I did have PTL starting at 26w and lots of hospital visits, but in the end, I truly believe the cerc and BR saved my DD who is 3.5 now.

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