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How long did you bleed? (TMI? and a bit vent-y)

I've heard that breastfeeding/pumping can make you bleed (postpartum) longer. I'm at almost 2 weeks pp now, and after every 2-3 pumping sessions, I get a gush of reddish/orange-ish goo. I wont have been bleeding all frickin' day, but every few pumping sessions, I gush! It's driving me absolutely crazy. I'm waiting to stop bleeding before hubby and I get back between the sheets, but the inconsistency of the bleeding frustrating the heck out of me. I also want to start on the minipill before the lovin' commences, but I don't want to start the pills if I'm going to be bleeding for another week. That's a week of lovin' I miss out on, lol, so I don't want to start them too soon. I really want to get some grooving on, but every time I get hopeful, I have a little mini period! Gah!

So, the point, how long did you bleed if you were BF/pumping?

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Re: How long did you bleed? (TMI? and a bit vent-y)

  • I stopped bleeding at 3 weeks.
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  • I bled for 4 weeks and I EBF. However, I didn't see any correlation to pumping or BFing and my bleeding pattern.  My Dr. also reccomended that we didn' have any sexual activity til 6 weeks PP.  But I also had a C-section.


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  • I was still spotting as of my 6 week pp check-up and was told that if it went on for 2 more weeks that I'd probably need an ultrasound to see if it was just bleeding or some placenta that had been left behind (yuck) which would have required a D&C. I completely stopped bleeding 7 weeks and 6 days pp, lol saved by the bell.

    Then I got AF back for real at 4 months pp! My body just loves to bleed.

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  • I thought I was done...until about 5 minutes ago. Im pissed. I wrecked some undies...oh well. Shoulda known better.
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  • I bled for 6 weeks.
  • I stopped 2 days before my 6 week checkup. I was to the point I thought it would never end. 
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  • I bled for 6 weeks.  The last 2 or 3 weeks was more spotting than bleeding.  

    You want to have sex already????  You're a wild one - It took a good 2 months before I wanted sex, then I had it, and it felt like I was tearing all over again!  I didn't actually want sex until closer to 6 months postpartum! 

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  • I bled 3 months and had to get on the regular pill in order to stop bleeding.  You shouldn't have sex for 6 weeks though.  Your body really needs to heal.  Plus, you are super susceptible to getting preggo again.  I know a few people that got pregnant that way.
  • Breastfeeding can actually make you heal faster post-partum. The act of pumping/baby suckling on breast creates hormones that cause the uterus to contract, and therefore, shrink back to normal size. So it's a good thing that every time you pump you are getting some bleeding. It means everything is clearing out of your system.

    I bled for about 2 weeks. Give it some time girl, let yourself heal. Sometimes it can take up to 6 weeks for the bleeding to stop.

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  • I really bled for 2-3 weeks, then spotted for another week or two. Sometimes it would go away for two days and come back as heavy spotting, then go away, come back, etc. And yes, I ruined some undies, too.

    I just have to say though, that you must have the libido of a stallion if you are ready to get it on at 2 weeks post partum. Good for you (and your DH, haha)! I am 7 weeks out now and just.not.interested. What turns me on right now is the thought of 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep.

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