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What do you still have left to do?

I've been feeling so overwhelmed this week trying to race around to get everything that I need, finish registry, wash everything, etc.  Curious where everyone else is with their progress :)  I've seen so many of you post these completed picks of your nurseries I'm not quite there yet :/
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Re: What do you still have left to do?

  • I still have a few things on my list. I'm having my last shower next weekend, so after that I will get whatever we still need as far as baby stuff goes. I also still have yet to pack my birth center bag. With regard to the nursery, it is mostly finished but here's my to do list:

    Hang pictures

    Buy and hang shelves

    Finish organizing the little stuff (bibs, pacis, small toys, etc.)

    Pick out blinds/curtains and hang them 

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  • Wash clothes and blankets! I swear this baby already has more clothes than me.. I had a dream last night that I went into labor and my main concern was that her coming home outfit had not been washed. LOL I guess that is a sign I need to work on that this weekend. 

    I have some more decorative and organizational stuff I want to do in her room, but I'm kind of waiting until my showers to complete it. I've realized that the more we get, the more likely I am to rearrange everything I've already done!

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  • Got all the clothing washed and put away.....so many clothes!!! i had 2 friends give me tots full of 0-3 month clothes which is AWSOME!!! some decorating needs to be done, got curtains hung, and crib put up, just some final details to do but we are ready...if baby showed today i would be ok with the nursery.....altho i do need some lanisohl first!!! :)!!! Getting pretty excitied now that its september!!! WAHOOO!!!

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  • Don't worry, you're not the only one in unfinished nursery mode! DH and I are attacking the nursery this weekend (and finally ordering the crib - late to the game much?) so hopefully we'll have something more organized and baby-friendly than a spare bedroom with a bunch of crap in it. I am going to feel so relieve to have that room ready.
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  • Hang wall art and letters for his name.

    Buy the last of the clothes we need.

    Wash all his clothes and organize them in his dresser/closet.

    Put up the shelving in his closet and organize that along with organizing his entire room.

    Get bottles/pacifiers/toys sterilized but this won't be until closer to his EDD.

    DH is going to China on Saturday so I've got all that time to do this when DD is sleeping. I plan on getting a lot of this list finished...
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  • Everything.  This is my second so I don't feel the pressure to get it all together.  However my house is also undergoing major construction so I am not able to set it all up or wash it all till this is over.  This has barely started so my to do list is a mile long.
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  • We moved cross country 12 days ago and are finishing bathroom renovations tomorrow.  After that, we'll basically *start* on the nursery (including ordering a crib--we were counting on picking up an Ikea one after our move, but since they are still out of stores, have to do more research and find something else).  I've still got eight weeks, so it'll be okay, right? Smile

  • We still have to hang 2 mobiles, frame and hang pictures and hang some other artwork that I've picked up or made over the past few months.  Everything is just sitting on the floor propped up in the spot where I want them hung.  Hopefully DH can get it all completed this weekend.  Also, my DH has told me not to buy anything baby related until after my shower next weekend.  So, we don't have anything for the baby as of yet.  I have picked up a few little outfits, but that's about it.  We plan on doing one huge shopping day and getting everything that we need all at once.   

  • Still need to get a few little things, pack hospital bag, sterilize pacis and toys, organize some things, install carseat and put up the PnP next to our bed where little one will sleep for a bit.
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  • I've been so busy w/ work and trying to refinance our house that all i'm praying is that LO stays in there till Oct!!!  I was put on bedrest last weekend due to contractions so it's been a crazy, crazy week!  Thankfully now i'm on modified bedrest but have to study for a huge exam at my work and get all our refi. info together by the beginning of next week too. 

    I haven't even been thinking about getting ready for LO w/ doing all that other stuff.  Tongue Tied  I sure hope once next week ends i'll be able to concentrate solely on LO.

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  • We're actually doing pretty good ... all we have left to do is install the car seat, pack hospital bag, sterlize bottles and pacifiers (eventhough I don't plan on using them immediately,and hang her name above her crib (which we can't do until after she's born). Everything else is done and ready!

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  • I have tons to do!  We're waiting to set up the furniture until Saturday because we're having our carpets professionally cleaned tomorrow.  Yesterday, DH half jokingly asked me if I'm going to write him a list of all the things he needs to do around the house this weekend.  Of course I am!  haha.  

     So far I washed some blankets, and clothes in the newborn to 3 month range.  I still have to wash all the sheets, towels, additional blankets, sterilize bottles/pacifiers, organize room, set up swing, get last minute toiletry items, pack the hospital bag...I swear the list could go on forever!

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  • I have to do laundry.
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  • This is not my whole list, just the things I could think of at the moment. I feel like I have so much to do still.

    My list of to dos:

    -wash LOs clothes (I am having one more sono at next appt for doc to triple check on gender and a few other things)

    -write out birth plan

    -buy a car seat (bought one at a garage sale and realized it expires this dec)

    -install car seat

    -pack hospital bags

    -finish the last details on nursery

    -buy diaper bag, few more pieces of clothing, baby bathtub, nursing bras, wash cloths, bouncy chair, and a few more items

    -pack DD bag to go to grandmas while I'm in the hospital




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  • Just washed LO's clothes yeaterday, started packing hospital bag etc.  I need to get bath items, diapers, well the list continues
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  • push out the baby
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  • Oy.  We have the crib (un-assembled still), the glider (assembled and hanging out in our room, so it's out of the way) and the car seat (still in the box), and piles of random baby stuff in the nursery, but other than that...we've still got to do everything.  My first shower is tomorrow and the other one isn't till almost the end of September, so I'm holding off on buying anything else until those are over and we see what we still need/want. 

    I've got a running list in my head that I will start work on soon; with some paint touch ups in the nursery (thankfully the walls were already yellow, so we just need to do touch ups and call it good) and go from there.  


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  • Pretty much everything.  The nursery is painted, but we still need to finish the chair rail.  Crib is still in the box.  DS's baby clothes have been sorted, but it all needs to be re-washed.  Still need random gear (diaper champ, new pump parts, etc.) and need to install carseat bases.

  • We have a lot to do as well. Would have had more done but we had to reschedule the baby shower because of the hurricane. Basically I have been trying to clean like crazy to get it somewhat baby ready. A lot of organizing and re organizing. The nursery... we have it painted, and we have his name above the crib and the changing pad and all that, but we are waiting to see if we get the bedding set we want at the shower, so the room looks very... empty.

  • I still have a ton of clothes and blankets to wash.  I'm thinking about putting together my hospital bag now just in case he makes an early arrival!
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