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GD: high #'s for a few the DR??

my numbers have been crappy since Sunday.   I haven't been the best about eating on schedule b/c i'm on bed rest now for pre-e also.  so i've been napping /sleeping later than usual and have eaten meals later and skipped some snacks.  

i'd say that i've had about 8-9 readings in the 130-140's after meals that normally are not a problem.  I know that stress can affect your #'s and being on bed rest w/ a toddler is definitely stressing me out. plus we had no power b/c of the Hurricane and that didn't help either.  not sure if i should just buckle down and be really good for a few days to see if that helps or if i should call them based on the last few days.  anyone had a crappy few days and then go back to normal? I don't go back to my OB til next Wed.  thanks ladies!  



Re: GD: high #'s for a few the DR??

  • I would call. They may want you on meds or reduce the carbs a little. It's better to call them then your baby get any bigger when there is no need right?
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  • I am in a similar situation.  About 3-4 high readings in the same range.  We haven't had power since Sunday, so I know I have been a little off-plan.  Depending on take-out and not having refrigeration for proteins makes life with GD much more difficult.  I can tell by looking at my food logs that it was definitely what I was eating and lack of exercise.  I am just getting back on track today.  I am going to monitor the next few days, back following the plan closely, and if my readings are still high, I will call.
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  • It could be outside factors, but the numbers are still the numbers, so I would call.  I never had this issue, but was told that if I had two high readings in a week to call.  GL!
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  • Since the #s are high from meals that you normally eat I would call.  Even though you've had some added stress it could be that you need a little bit of meds to help even you out.  Or they might say to give it a few more days since your condition with the pre-e has changed your routine.  You're obviously moving around less and expending less calories so maybe you just need to reduce the carbs to get it back on track.  GL!
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