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C-Section Question

Hello Ladies.  I just noticed this board so I thought I would re-post a post I left on the VBAC board yesterday for some input here. 

 With my first child, I delivered vaginally but had significant internal and external tearing that took about 10 weeks to heal.  However, I did heal well and everything is in good working order now.  At the time, my doctor told me that with a second child, a C-Section might be indicated so I always just assumed that I would be having a C-Section with this child.

 During my first visit with my OB, whom I love, for this pregnancy he told me that the injuries were very unusual and that it was probably unlikely to happen as badly again and that since I made a full recovery he would be inclined to try a vaginal delivery again because recovery from a C-Section was more difficult and the risks were greater. But, he told me it is up to me and we could deliver via C-Section if I wanted.

 Long story short, I am looking to see what you ladies thought about recovery after a C-Section?  Any advice?  Thanks for listening.

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  • with the trauma you had to go through with your 1st delivery, I would chose c/s if there was any risk it could happen again.

    good luck

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  • It all depends, some people have great recoveries and others don't. It's like that for any method of birth. My c-section recovery was ok. I didn't get any infections along my incision or anything but I was in a lot of pain the first 3 or so days and then could finally get out of bed at 7 weeks pp. It wasn't a horrible recovery though
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  • Personally, I had a super easy recovery from my C-Section.  I think each person is different and for me I heal very quickly so my experience was actually wonderful.  However I do have a void in me for a vaginal delivery.  So next time I will probably try for a VBAC not for recovery reasons, but because I want to delivery vaginally.  I think there is this thought that that is the way it is supposed to be so I feel shorted out of that experience.  By no means am I upset that I had to have a C-Section, I am grateful that my DD was born healthy and happy. So I think its personal and I dont think anyone should judge you for your decision.  GL and H&H pregnancy!
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  • I would choose a c/s.  I had mine on a wednesday.  I was walking around by thursday and besides being a little sore I was good to go within a week and off of the percocet. 

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  • Obviously, everyone heals differently.  For me, both of my c/s experiences were really good.  I was in very little pain and my incision healed extremely well.  I pretty much felt like myself just 2-3 weeks after
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  • I had a good C/S recovery, but my DH only was allowed 2 days off work, so we made sure I was up and walking the next day so I could move around while I was home with the baby. By the time I went to my 2 week check-up, I had almost full mobility (within reason). 
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  • There are more risks with a c-section than with a vaginal delivery.  I would personally never opt for a c-section unless it was 100% medically necessary.
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  • I just wanted to recomend you reading the Essential C Section guide its a great resource!

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    DS #3 born via repeat c-section 04/13/2012 at 39w

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  • I was 6 days past due and ended up with an emergency c section. My recovery went very well. I was up and walking around 8 hrs after and I left the hospital a day early. I only took the pain meds for two days once I was home. I guess the hardest part for me was not driving for two weeks. I felt like I was stuck at home all day alone.


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  • My c-section recovery was a breeze. It was pretty painful for the first few days, but after that, I was walking around and feeling fine. In fact, everyone was surprised that I was walking around like normal so quickly! They sent me home with pain meds, but I didn't even need them. There were times, though, that I would over-do it and be in pain for a little bit.
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  • My recovery wasn't too bad, but it was just slow going.  I used my medication for a couple weeks after I got home, and I agree with the PP the not driving thing was annoying.  The one thing I would say is do take it easy for the first couple of weeks.  There were a couple of days when I felt fine so I was moving more like I used too and then I would notice an increase pain the next day. 
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  • I think everyone recovers and handles pain a little differently.  My recovery was very easy compared to what I expected.  DS was born at 8:40pm and by 7am the next morning they made me get out of bed to the bathroom.  I walked a couple of times the first day and then they took away my pain pump because I didn't use it enough.  I stopped taking any major pain medication after 2 days and was up walking around normally after 5 or so days.  The hardest part for me was getting out of bed and getting up from the toilet - you don't realize how much you use your abs to do those things!  I felt great after about 2 weeks and was going stir crazy because I wasn't cleared for exercise until 8 weeks. 
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  • Like the other women have stated everyone is different.  With that being said mine was an unplanned c-section at 36 wks due to pre-e and a failed 2 day induction.  I really was doing well no issues accept it was hard to get comfertable to sleep that was my main concern.  I also had a hematoma and started bleeding out of my incision 2 days after I got out of the hospital they took the staples out 2 days later and the whole thing opened up so it took 7 wks to heal I will say this it didn't bother me I could get around just fine didn't have much pain it was just a pain to have a nurse or my husband have to pack my wound 2 times a day for 7 wks.  So with everything I still am not affraid to do it again.  Just take 1 day at a time to decide.  Good luck to you!


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