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**Twins & Triplets Check-in**

Congrats to jennype - William Griffin and Garrison Gardner were born on 8/20!
Congrats to katezta - Nate and Jack were born on 8/23!
Congrats to Tinkerbelle - Landon and Juliana were born on 8/27!
Congrats to MrsLoos - Finn and Charlotte were born on 8/28!

Please share updates with us! No QOTW this week - I'm too tired to come up with anything!

EDD list:
Festivus - September 19 (2 boys)
Ladyprof - September 30 (2 boys)
Sunshine610 - October 5 (girl/boy - Jake & Abby)
Amers83010 - October 8 (2 girls - Elliot Marie & ??)
StarlightStar22 - October 19 (2 girls - Haley & Riley) - on bed rest
Leecrystalwed08 - October 12 (boy/girl)
Jcath - October 14 (2 girls) - on restricted activity
NicoleeBonsai - October 21 (2 girls)
Hep01 - October 22 (2 girls)
Orange682 - October 27 (2 boys)
Kelfeen - October 31  (2 boys) - c/s scheduled for 10/12
erinandbrockv - Nov 1 (2 girls)
SLPMel - November 4 (boy/girl)
LaneCA - November 6 - (boy/girl - Benjamin Thomas, Reese Marie) on bed rest
Blessed1010 - November 9
Dutchess829 - November 14 (boy/girl)
Eriksgal -Triplets due November 18 (1 boys/2 girls - Campbell, Caroline and Hunter)
Jms1223 - November 21 (boy/girl)
Colleens629 - November 25 (2 boys)
MrsRumpf - November 27 (2 boys)
MrsVo - November 28 (2 girls)
Bread09 - November 28
Magnolia-femme - December 3
tvass1981 - December 5
Dolphinsmakemesmile - December 8
MrsT52309 - December 19 (2 girls)
Glowconsin - December 27 triplets
obaby - January 2012 (no EDD given in check-in, boy/girl)
amh1979 - January 1
Nhgal10 - January 3
AndieD6709 - January 8 (2 girls)
kthappy76 - January 12 (boy/girl) - on bed rest
besu-chan - January 27
MsAMG - February 8
petite chouette - February 17 (2 boys)
Dustilou - February 18
nursemae86 - March 1
pink100 - March 8
LGLDVM - March 22
Coloradoalyssa - March 25
snoangel79 - April 4
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Re: **Twins &amp;amp; Triplets Check-in**

  • Being that close to the top of the list is crazy!

    Congrats ladies! Enjoy your new LO's! 

    Welcome My IF Miracles JZ!

  • So many new twin moms, congrats to all! 

    No known changes to my situation, I have another cervical check tomorrow.  Hoping things are still stable.  We're just taking it a day at a time over here...

    TTK 9/06 / TTC 10/08 / Twins 12/11 / Life Blog
    5 REs + 3 surgical hysteroscopies for septum/lap + 3 failed IUIs
    IVF w/ICSI/AH & acu = BFP!, unexplained spontaneous m/c @ 8w2d (our little girl),
    FET w/acu = BFP!, B/G twins!, lost MP @19w, dx w/funneling cervix @20w,
    twins nearly lost to IC @21w, saved by rescue cerclage, 17P & 16w of bedrest
    Our twins born @36w4d via CS when A came foot first

    Thankful for every day

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  • Look at that twin baby boom!!  Hooray and congrats to all the MoMs of new arrivals!

    Nothing new over here.  We had our first shower on Saturday and that was a blast!  Next Drs appointment is next Tuesday.

    Diagnosed PCOS 2/07, TTC #1 since 8/09
    11/10 - Clomid Round 1 = BFN
    12/10 - Clomid Round 2 = BFN
    1/11 - Voluntary Break = BFN (duh)
    2/11 - Clomid Round 3 = BFN
    3/11 - Femara + IUI = BFP * Beta#1=56 * Beta#2=266
    *Cautiously expecting baby girls on November 28, 2011*
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  • image leecrystalwed08:

    Being that close to the top of the list is crazy!

    Congrats ladies! Enjoy your new LO's! 

    as i was putting this together, i was thinking the same thing about myself. wow, so close!

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  • Congrats to all the new mommies!!

    No updates really here either except that my last day of work is Fri Party!!!!!  Well I'm going back in Feb but it sure is going to be nice to have some time at home before the babies get here.

    Diagnosis: DOR and MFI-low everything IVF #1 = triplets! 2 girls and a boy! Born Sept 29, 2011 at 32w6d due to Pre-e and HELLP syndrome Lilypie First Birthday tickers
  • May I join the list? I just found out today that it is twins Smile

    One measuring at 5w5d and the other at 5w3d. The most perfect black circles I have ever seen.

    Now that the spotting has stopped, I am feeling good about it again. Nothing can ever come easy and smooth, eh?

    Next u/s on Sept 15 to see some heartbeats! Cannot wait.

    ETA: I forgot to say that my EDD is April 28

    Taking the Scenic Route
    FET: Success! Beta at 14dp5dt: 2427 TWINS!!
  • Congrats to all the new mommies and the new discovered twins!

    Just had an u/s at MFM both babies are about 5 lbs and look great.  My cervix is shortening a bit but since I'm almost 34 weeks they seem not to care - said they won't even measure anymore. 


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  • Everything is pretty much status quo here.  They are pretty sure that we are having a boy and a girl.  :)  I've been feeling okay for the most part.  Lots of heartburn and some BH contractions, though.  The babies have started kicking, and they are about 2 pounds each now!

    TTC since 5/10
    Dx: PCOS 12/10
    IUI #1 (2/11/11): Metformin + Clomid + Ovidrel = BFN
    IUI #2 (3/13/11): Metformin + Gonal-F + Ovidrel = BFP
    Beta #1 (15dpo) 460, Beta #2 (17dpo) 829, Beta #3 (19dpo) 1550 u/s #1 (4/12/11): Twins!

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  • Good luck to all the upcoming Mommas!

    Currently 27 weeks and still moving into the new house.  I am soooo tired of unpacking boxes and cleaning!  

    All is still well!  I passed my GD test and also had 'normal' iron levels. 

    My Story and Blog:
    The Conception Craze

    1/2009- TTTC
    After 7 rounds of clomid and HcG, Three failed IUI's with an ectopic pregnancy, two shots of methotrextate, ER visits, breaks, low (3%) morphology One IVF cycle (lupron, gonal-F) that ended in another ectopic, more methotrexate, A Lap to disconnect both tubes, remove endo and a hydrosalphinx, . . .we are finally expecting TWINS from FET#1!
    1.11. 2011: Beginning FET cycle!
    3.11.11- FET! (DH's birthday!) 2 blasts transfered!
    3.20.11- BETA #1 BFP!!! 272! (9dp5dt)
    3.23.11- BETA #2 1346!!! (12dp5dt)
    4.8.11- U/S #1. . TWINS!!! . . .TWO BOYS!
    9.10.11-My beautiful Boys arrive unexpectedly at 28 weeks, 6 days. image image
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  • Wow congrats new mommies!!  Make sure to check in when you can and tell us how it really is so we can prepare!  :)   There are so many of us coming up!  Craziness! 

    I am starting to hit a wall.. i think i am close..  I really feel so crazy.  Oddly, I had just been thinking about how calm and un-hormonal i have felt most of the time - uh until yesterday.  Now I am just irritable and emotional on top of the pain.  I cant believe how much this hurts!  In addition to the hips, crotch and muscle aches..   I really feel like Baby B is trying to be born out the top of my stomach. He pushes so hard and it really effing hurts!  It freaks me out!  It is completely crazy to feel them moving so much constantly - i already can tell these boys are going to be ornery!

    TTC#2: septum removed, 2 losses, Stage 2 Endo, thin lining, slight MFI
    iui #5 2/7 + 2/8 = BFP!! 11 dpiui
    Beta #1 2/18 11dpiui= 46, Beta #2 13dpiui 150, Beta #3 16dpiui 584!!
    u/s revealed triplets! Baby B 3rd loss 8w2d. Twins! EDD 10/31/11 * c/s scheduled 10/12/11 My NEW BLOG Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
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  • Thank you for the congratulations!  My boys, Nathaniel Everett "Nate" and John Ryder "Jack" were born on August 23rd via a scheduled repeat csection at 38w3d.  Nate weighed 5 lbs 14 ounces and was 19 in and Jack weighed 6 lbs and was 19.25 in. Nate was baby A, jammed down in my pelvis, and very quiet in utero.  He is super fiesty now.  Aggresive feeder and cries when his demands are not met immediately.  Jack was baby B and his little head was jammed in my ribs.  He moved all the time in utero.  Now he is totally laid back.  At first, he didn't want to feed, but he caught up.  Turns out he knew about his brother and just let him do all the hard work bringing my milk in! 

    So far, things that I have learned or that are different than my first. 

    1. You must have help in the hospital.  With my DD, DH went home at night to sleep.  We tried that the first night and I was calling him early!  He stayed the rest of the time. 

    2.  Breastfeeding is hard.  I am running on 2-3 hours of sleep a night.  I started pumping milk after a few feedings each day and use formula once or twice a day.  My pedi is very mommy-centered and she recommended the formula to give me a break and to keep their weight up. 

    3.  You need help when you get home.  My DH took all last week and this one off from work and my mom is coming next week.  This was a little different than my daughter. 

    4.  If you have other children and have access to chilcare, use it.  My DD is 4 and it is much better when she is at daycare.  We also had little gifts in the hospital to keep her occupied each day.  

    5.  We are using these (http://www.amazon.com/Maclaren-Rocker-Coffee-Brown-Powder/dp/B000JCWY1W) to sleep right now.  We also have a co-sleeper, but I like this better sicne they are now directly on their backs.  I borrowed 2 from a friend who recommended them for sleeping and she was right. 

    6.  You need a lot of diapers.  I can't believe it.  We have been home from the hospital for 5-6 days and we went through probably 200+ already and an entire box of wipes.

    Can't wait to hear other updates and stories of outside babies.  PAIF is my guilty pleasure now while pumping!

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  • Thank you for the congratulations!!  We came home yesterday and are trying to settle into a routine.  We might have been home earlier, but Landon (the smaller of the twins) had some apnea problems and had to go through 3 car seat studies until he was allowed to come home with a breathing/heart rate monitor and a prescription for caffeine (poor kid, hook (almost) from birth).

     Congrats to Jennype, Katezta, and MrsLoos on the arrival of their little ones!

    1/1/2011 - BFP! - Beta on 1/4/11: 578 <BR>
    7 week u/s on 1/25/11 - TWINS!! <BR>
    Anatomy Scan (4/25) - It's a GIRL... and a BOY! <BR>
    Born at 37 weeks and 4 days via c-section <BR>

    <a href="http://s1140.photobucket.com/albums/n571/Vanesa_Bell/?action=view
  • I stopped by the OBGYN this morning on my way to work because I feel like I'm starting to get a UTI.  They are going to send my urine out for a culture but did say I had a little bit of blood in my urine so he gave me a prescription for Macrobid.  I'm going to hold off taking it until I know for sure if its a UTI first but at least I have it on hand :)

    One of the joys of being friends with my OB is that I can get an ultrasound anytime I want!  While I was there I told him I wanted to take a peek and see how they were doing.  Both looked GREAT!  Baby A was bouncing all over the place and Baby B was waving those arms and kicking those legs like a banshee :)  They are just too cute!  Anyway, here is a pic from today!!  So happy to see so many twin mama's on here!!



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  • Congrats to all the new mommas!

    Wow! I am so close to the top of the list! Still on bedrest... went to the doctor yesterday and was measuring 43 weeks.. wow! I feel huge! Doctors are hoping the girls hold out until 34 weeks at least! Heres to hoping my little girls stay put another week!

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  • Not too much here to report.  I'm measuring about 20 weeks, and the babies are growing sooooo much!! They said today they were at 4 oz each, and their little hearts sounded great!! We did have an u/s today too, but the twins had other plans apparently! When the tech tried to catch a glimpse Baby a rolled onto her/his belly and tucked those little feet in tight! Baby b decided he/she had had enough and rolled away every time she tried. But she did say she thought she saw "boy parts" when checking b!  Fingers crossed they behave at our a/s on the 28th! I think we're in for a little stuborness in our home...I think it's from the DH's side..lol!
    Matthew & Lillian 1/23/2012 It's TWINS!!!!! 1rst IVF May 2011 ER 5/30/11 ET 6/2/11 2 transfered #1 6/10/11 211 #2 6/13/11 880!!! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker image
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