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Lobster Rolls?

We are having these for lunch tomorrow at work, are they safe? They were cooked but chilled.

It is an everything in moderation type of thing and make sure its from a reputable establishment?

I didn't see it on the do not eat list but they are bottom feeders (albeit delicious bottom feeders).


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Re: Lobster Rolls?

  • I would do anything for a lobster roll right now!  mmm...

    Yes, they are safe to eat!  Enjoy. 

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  • thats what I thought but sometimes you just want to double check.

    I would give anything to eat the accompanying sushi :(

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  • Drooling at the thought of a lobster roll. Totally okay. Enjoy!

    My doc actually okayed sushi, and even went so far to say even once a week. I had it a few times with my first pregnancy, but it really didn't taste the same. I've had it once so far and again it just doesn't taste the same.

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  • As far as I know they're safe. Sounds delicious! Enjoy! 
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  • I'm getting sushi tonight.   Of course, not real sushi........all veggie rolls and a shrimp roll, maybe a california roll.  
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  • Just be sure they don't use a mayo or sauce with raw eggs.  True mayo uses raw eggs, and so does aioli.  If it's Helmann's or Miracle Whip you're fine. :)

    Oh yeah, true caesar dressing has raw eggs too!


  • I did a lot of research before a trip to Maine in July and I couldn't find anything that said no lobster rolls.  My main concern with them was mayo--if it looks like it's been sitting out for a while, I wouldn't eat it.

    I never got my lobster roll on that trip and I STILL want one.  Enjoy!
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  • Sounds yummy - enjoy!

    Also - thank you for PP pointing out about mayo + raw eggs. I didn't realize Hellman's was safe, so that's what I'll be sticking to.  

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  • Yummmmmmm!

    Yes they are safe. Enjoy away.

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  • I've been craving lobster for weeks now, thanks! :P I ate plenty when pregnant and BFing, it's fine.
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  • Yummy!  Now I want one:).  As far as I know they are safe. Enjoy!!
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