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Expecting #3

Anyone expecting #3? We weren't even planning on having a 3rd child, but oops, now we are :) I am about 9 weeks.
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Re: Expecting #3

  • same boat...though i am about 6 weeks and my oldest isnt 3 yet.  lol.  
    i shoot canon. #3: due 4/2012
  • Another surprise #3 here.  We had been trying but stopped last spring because of some changes at my husband's job.  I am due 5/5/2012, so I'm not that far along.   We are past the initial shock and thrilled!
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  • We are expecting #3 as well. Our girls are 4 and 2.5 and I'm almost 11 weeks along. Oscillate between sheer excitement and sheer terror over what life with 3 will be like (esp. that first year). Our first 2 are 18mos apart so I'm thinking this has to be easier since the girls are both trained, sleep all night in their beds, feed themselves. and esp. my older DD is very self sufficient.  Time will tell! ;)  GL to all!
  • My third also.  This one will be 2 yr. 3 mo. younger than my youngest.  My two girls are 18 mo apart so I'll have 3 under 4 when this one arrives.
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  • image mj.reilly:

    Number 3 here, as well. Almost 9 weeks. A little bit of a surprise (we weren't going to actively start TTC until later this year), but so excited!



    This here.  6 weeks tomorrow.  We wanted DS and new baby to be 18-24 months apart but were going to start trying a little later this year since we are house hunting.  Well, we weren't not trying either if you know what I mean.  I never got on the pill after DS since we were planning on have them close together anyway.  DH just picked the 2 most fertile days to not be careful...needless to say we are over the moon happy! (and they will be 18 months apart almost exactly due on 4/27 (DS was due on 10/27) and he will be 1 on 5/1 (born on 11/1)...so we were on target :)

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  • Us too, though we were hoping to get pg with #3.  I'm excited, but terrified.  We're going to be outnumbered!
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