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Introducing formula

Addy has been EBF from a bottle (EP) since about 3 weeks old.  However we are to the age where she is quickly depleting my stock pile and will very soon need to use formula.  If nothing else the week of our anniversary cruise, she'll probably have to use formula at least for a few days worth of feedings.  Any tips for how to re-introduce formula to her?  Should I start introducing it now or wait until it gets closer to when she HAS to have formula.

FWIW we will probably have to supplement before the cruise anyways.  She's taking about 7 or 8 bags of milk a day and I am only making 5 or 6.  My little ones a piglet.  :)

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Re: Introducing formula

  • We transitioned J around 6.5 months once my supply ran out (I stopped pumping when he was 6 mo.)  l think he was taking 6 oz a feeding at that time, so I started out doing 5 oz BM + 1 oz formula, and increased from there until we were out of BM.  He took to the formula pretty quickly so I just calculated how much BM I had and made a schedule to slowly get rid of it.  It depends on how long you want to keep EPing for.  I was ready to be done at that time.



  • I agree with Kristin that you could start a gradual transition now but personally Nicholas never had any problems transitioning when I was done EP'ing (at around 6 months). It was one of those situations where we happened to be somewhere with no BM for him but we had formula so we just did a normal formula bottle and he took it no problems. I know some babies are pickier but she might surprise you. You could always offer a full bottle of formula now and see what happens-- if she hates it and refuses than start the gradual mixing if she takes it just fine than finish up your freezer stash and start with formula when you run out. GL!

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