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Where is the most painful place

LO has kicked/punched/head butted/etc you?? 

My sweet little girl has somehow found my right hip bone.  At times the pain is so shocking I totally freeze up for a couple seconds.  It's like she is taking a knee, elbow, foot, or shoulder and just grinding it in to my hip bone.  Driving home from work yesterday was an adventure b/c I couldn't really change positions. 

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Re: Where is the most painful place

  • Bladder is the worst for me.  It's so sudden and I feel liek I am going to pee myself when it happens.  No good.

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  • I'm just butting in because you are a UGA fan and my Broncos are gonna wipe the floor with your dawgs this weekend.

    I'll be the really large pregnant BSU fan at the dome.  :-)

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    DMoney will be a kickass big sister
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  • imageJanimal:

    I'm just butting in because you are a UGA fan and my Broncos are gonna wipe the floor with your dawgs this weekend.

    I'll be the really large pregnant BSU fan at the dome.  :-)

    I'll be honest, I don't have a ton of faith in our team right now.  At the beginning of the summer things were looking so good then we lost our top 2 running backs, several O line players, and we are dealing with some injuries.  Should be a fun game though. 

    I do hate the stupid Nike Pro Combat Jerserys and I'm annoyed we'll be in all red.  It's just weird!

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  • I would say the ribs.  It's always kind of startling.

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  • I get a swift kick to the lower right rib occasionally. Sometimes it hurts a little...or it just catches me so off-gaurd that I say "Ow" even if it doesn't really hurt.
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  • The bladder is the worst for me too. It doesn't really hurt, just surprises me and makes me run for the bathroom!
  • Usually my LO will kick "down there" so hard I feel like his foot is about to come out. this morning he pushed himself so far up in between my rib cage I thought I was going to give birth to him out of my mouth it hurt soo bad & I could NOT breathe.

  • Right side ribs. I have been stuck laying on my left side all day and night with a heat pack trying to relieve the pain, tylenol does nothing. He isn't kicking them he is just living up there in them. At this point I am praying for this lil guy to drop.
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  • The punches to the bladder have been interesting.....to say the least!

    His new thing....rubbing the heel of his foot across the top right of my abdomen.  Silly boy.

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  • This LO loves to stick things way out on the side of my abdomen...further than he should have access to. And it hurts very badly. I'm pretty sure that part isn't supposed to stretch. Also, I don't know if he is laying differently but my hips have stopped working, they don't want to move when I walk. One more....this doesn't hurt, it just creeps me out, he plays with my pelvic bone...I swear I feel little fingers touching the right pelvic bone...its the strangest thing ever


  • when she was transverse she loved laying her head on the spot where my endo scar tissue is above my appendix and right ovary
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  • The very top of my belly, right between my breasts.  When she kicks there, it's like I lose all possibility of breathing.  I just have to stand there and wait a few seconds for the life to come back into me.  
  • Ditto for me! My LO started kicking my cervix when she was breech at week 21, and I thought it was pre-labor.  I called my doctor & they said she was sitting low & breech.  Now she's head down, and I'm thinking it's headbutts too - but same feeling.  It's like my cervix is cracking, I cringe every time it happens, it feels like a painful pap smear sort of.

    My doc said it's normal too. =)

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  • This LO loves my left side and gets so wedged in there it feels like she is gonna come out any second, although I think she was headbutting my cervix ther other day cause I had a shoothing pain in my hoohaa when I was walking. That was fun. Someone on the third trimester board said her doctor referred to it as the tinyman in your vaghina (firewalls) with a knife................lol
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  • Bladder kicks have hurt the most in terms of sharp, unexpected pain, but LO just loves curling up on my right side and lodging his feet into ribs. That is the most long-term / uncomfortable pain, so that's taking the cake right now.
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  • It's not so much of a kick or punch, more constant pressure.  Her little rear end pushes out above my belly button and below my breastbone.  The muscle there is actually sore to touch.
  • Ribs/side.

    She is laying transverse (horizontal) right now so her head os up against my left ribs & her butt is on my right ribs. Double the fun ! Tongue Tied Her being this way also makes sleeping difficult. If I am on my left side, I can feel her head pushing up against my ribs even more. Same for the right side. For this reason, I have barely slept.

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  • Yes! Just in the past 2 days my little guy has found my right hip bone and it makes me jump every time. Its like a sudden zap of pain. It's starting to make me kind of crazy!
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