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AWing Some Maternity Photos

Here are a few from our session today. I'll probably have 2 more sessions. I want to do the u/s ones with a different u's and we will be doing bare belly pics. I also plan on trying to tone my arms up before the next set after seeing these, and I hate the shirt MH is wearing. He just apparently realized today he's lost 15 pounds so I didn't have time to find him something with a better fit!

Re: AWing Some Maternity Photos

  • Your pics look great!
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  • Great pics and you look fabulous, Lopes! LOVE that dress!
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  • imagerubysue267:
    Great pics and you look fabulous, Lopes! LOVE that dress!
    Thanks! My confession is it's a VS beach cover up lol.

  • Very cute!!

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  • You look fantastic, Lopes!
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